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Am i missing something?? Calorie counting vs SW

Hi I am doing SW and hubby is calorie counting - so he usually tells me whats in our meals tonight we had homemade bacon and cheese burger (HEA), onion and mushroom, chips and beans

i had 1/2 my plate filled with beans, onion and mushroom

Hubby counted his calories and it was 531 calories for dinner

i am just confused and if i am honest not totally understanding how in EE you can eat as much meat/pasta/beans/eggs when you can go well over our recommended calorie intake by doing this

i am trying to trust it but when i am with Hubby his plate looks tiny compared to mine:wave_cry:
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I will do this!!!
Im in the same shoes as you. I dont understand how you can lose weight while eating all this food
First off can i just start with saying your tea sounds yummy, the thought of a bacon and cheese burger is making my mouth water :p haha!

I have the same problem, i tried doing a few EE days last week and im actually scared of doing them as i find im eating so much i just don't get how it's possible to lose weight! It does seem to work for other people though so i suppose we just gotta give it a go and hope it works for us too :D
thanks for the replies - i do trust it as i have seen it work on me before and family members - out of curiosity hubby worked out what calories i have had today and hubby has had 1300 i had 1500, he is literally weighing everything and portioning everything off - really annoying when trying to cook dinner i can tell you

so really although i have ate a lot more than him there is not much difference - having friends over for DVD so got all munchies ready and a separate plates for syns/calories

cause its sat night i am gonna use all 15 - and enjoy them

by the way dinner was yummy!!!!


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You could eat 500 calories of chocolate and half an hour be hungry again and looking for something else. But your 500 calories of burger will fill you up and keep you satisfied for a whole lot longer. So you see it not just about the calories but the degree to which they fill you up in relation to their calories. Some people have worked out the calories of a typical SW day and found it to be 1200 to 1500 so perfectly acceptable for a weight loss programme. But it's really best not to get too tied up in the calories of what you are eating as not only does it get confusing but it can lead you to restricting what you eat in the hope of cutting back on calories.
is there a health reason why your husband is calorie counting? Would he not do Slimming World as well, to make it easier for you both in the long run.

Calorie counting can only really work short term I think, as you certainly don't want to be working out calories in a meal for the rest of your life.
hubby has had 1300 i had 1500
I don't know your hubbies stats but 1300 calories to me sounds too little for a man, a man should eat normally between 2000-2500 (depending on activity and up it if active) and to lose weight should drop by 500. Anything below 1500 will put a serious strain on your nurtritional intake and health. Doesn't he want to do SW? Maybe when he sees your results and no calorie counting he will be converted ;-)

suspend your disbelief! Actually, your experiment shows why SW works. You ate just 200 calories more than hubby but he was depriving himself. I have done my 150th day of SW and I have not been hungry once! Says it all really. I couldn't have done that with any other diet - I would have fallen off the wagon and ended up feeling useless and a failure. The "unlimited" policy keeps you on the diet. The fact that actually, the unlimited food you're eating is actually low in calories, is what makes it work. Took me a while to "get" this. No point in obsessing about it all really anyway. Just stick at it, you'll see! Good luck ! x
thanks for replies - hubby did SW with me a few months ago and lost 10lbs in 3 weeks so he knows it works, to be honest he is just stubborn and doesnt think SW works for him - it ok to be honest but we do tend to bicker about which one is best.

he did eat more last night so he ended up with 2000, he is loosing weight well but i do worry about the longer term affect it will have and he will just explode cause he is not giivng himself many treats.

but i really do enjoy SW love making meals and trying out new things - plus my toddler is eating the best he has in years because of it

thanks for advice
I have wondered the same. I used to do calorie counting and its a hard habit to get out of.

I don't know how it works, I just know that it does. Trust it :)
your allowed to eat a large amount of food on ee because its nutrionaly sound food its what your body needs. a balance of fruit, veg, carbs, protein, dairy and fat (fat being syns). dont feel guilty or like your eating too much your allowed:)
i think alot of people have your problem they try to justify why ee works don't hun just do it it works.
also what type of life is counting calories for ever i know which of u is gonna keep the weight off and it won't be the one counting calories hun.
if u want to lose weight u need to do something u can do for the rest of your life cause as soon as u stop it will creep back on (personal exprience) and can u imagine counting calories in everything u eat for the rest of your life. also same with red (maybe not green cause people can live without meat) but ee is great because u eat normal. i love red btw but i couldn't do it forever. ee i feel i can

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