Am I number 1?...


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at having the highest starting BMI here? :eek:

I started the diet 6 days ago and my BMI was 47.4 :eek:

In 5 days I lost a stone and my first official weigh in is tomorrow so I wonder if I have lost anything else...cant wait to find out, but I'm happy with my weight loss for this week.

Anyway, can anyone beat BMI 47.4? (I have to be first/good at something :p)

Ann C xx
Sorry RallyA .... but at my heaviest (21st 12lb) and at a vertically challenged 5' 2", my BMI was 56.

When I started CD on March 24th, I'd managed to get down to 18st 13lb and that made my BMI 48.5

I'm happy to say it's currently at a tad over 32 so I'm within striking distance of being 'overweight' instead of obese :D
Damn....oh well congratulations for losing all that weight, that is great...hope I do as well :)
There's no 'hope' about it Ann .. just stick with it like a bulldog with a bone (sorry about the food analogy!) and you WILL do well! :)

I just read your diary. Well done on your great progress so far! I couldn't help noticing that (apart from our height) we've had some very similar weight experiences i.e getting down to 18st 13lb etc.

I'm looking forward to seeing you disappear before our very eyes! Enjoy the ride! :)
Beat me I was 48.2
oooer - I hope no-one comes along and beats my score ... I don't want to be a number 2!!
tee hee............ feeling like a lightweight at a mere 42.2........ that's a first!!!!
Dagnabbit Roch! You've turned me into a number 2!