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Am I really sad............


Cambridge Consultant
I love this diet so much...... I feel like I am a bit sad..

I cannot imagine not having the shakes..... I think I will still have to have them after I get to goal etc.... I would really miss them otherwise.

Does anyone else feel the same or is it just sad me .. xx
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You're not alone hun!
I love it too and am completely addicted to choc tetras. I will want to carry on having them when at goal. Not to help maintain, but because I love the flavour and don't like normally milkshakes.

I also think that CD has become like a friend. Whereas I've always hated food (loved eating it, but really resented it because of my lack of control) the diet makes me feel in control and normal again. I think that is also what will be hard to say goodbye to.

When something helps you achieve the one thing that you've always strived for there is bound to be a feeling of loss when it's over.
Be interesting to hear how successful maintainers have felt at goal regarding this.


can see the end in sight!
i'm the same! i love this diet, even on weeks like this where i only lose 1.5lbs. no other diet could i have gotten these results, and the way i feel now about myself compared to be at 20 stone is amazing. i will NEVER jeapordize (sp?) this feeling by piling the weight back on again.
You know you can still use them even when not dieting as nutritional supplements. So there is no need to be sad, YEAH. I plan to use them when Im at goal as yummy healthy snacks or to replace stodgey desserts. why not!!
I'm worried because I'm going to America on Sep 21st for over 2 weeks. Can I get them in my suitcase or can I get them delivered? CD is different over there. If no-one knows I think I'll have to start a separate thread!


can see the end in sight!
i will continue having the bars as snacks along with the choccie shakes - even though the bars give me awful wind sometimes!


Cambridge Consultant
I love the choc tetras they are my favourite.. and the mint choc shakes and I think I will carry on with the bars too..... its funny isnt it how we have attached ourselves to them..... and there 'diet food' lol x


Gone fishing
Be interesting to hear how successful maintainers have felt at goal regarding this.
I was kind of terrified :D

But! The plans do help wean you off the 'crutch' nice and gradually, and as you get to experience 'normal' food again, there's always other things that make great alternatives.

I didn't use CD after I finished the plans. Felt I eat enough good food not to need any other supplements :)


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Oh I feel exactly the same, I dread finishing, its almonst like a comfort blanket to protect me from food monsters lol, I am still going to carry on with products if i need them, my cdc still does it when she feels the need, having a fat day. She also wants me go for monthly weigh-ins when i reach goal to keep me on the straight and narrow bless her. So i kind of feel i will be on cd for long time to come.

Curly you should be so please with what youve done so far and just wanted to wish you luck in becoming a cdc yourself you will be brilliant.
I love this diet, particularly those delicious cappuccino shakes made up with lots of ice - perfect for sunny afternoons in the garden! The bars are delish too and I've just discovered the cranberry bar which I may become addicted to!


Stubborn tortoise
I feel the same Curly... and on difficult days I will have a shake or a bar, as a sweet treat. Cd security blanket!

It's definitely growing on me. At first I hated it and was worried I would go off it but I'm enjoying CD food now. I like that our choices are only on what flavour shake/soup/tetra or porridge to take. It definitely stops the greed thing. Maybe I'd have been slim if I'd lived years ago before all the availability of many foods and takeaways!

I've a while to go yet though so I'm hoping I'm still liking them later on!


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Im loving it too, like the shakes and bars but in a way I cant wait to be finished with them and feel 'normal' again and thats the NEW 'normal' as it was the old- what-I-considred-to-be-normal eating that got me here in the first place! hope that makes sense!

Not to put a downer on it but its just a diet!:D

Think one of the main reasons that I wouldnt want to be a CDC is that if I were to put on weight it would be so easy to return back to the diet if the packs were in my house than to loose it in the conventional way of healthy eating and exercise.

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I'm with you Curly, I love the CD food. I'd say i'll carry on ordering them after maintenence to have instead of snacks. So if i feel i want desert I'll have a mousse or a bar etc. My cdc charges £5 after maintence for meetings but takes that off any order you make. So i'll use the meetings to stay on track and buy the yummy packs to have the odd time.


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