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am i the only


sisters of slim
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:mad::mad: person who thinks all the shakes,soups and porridges is vile,i cannot find anything i like and have decided to just put up and shut up and drink them,i have to have the soups cold so i can glug them down,i have 2 porridge a day:mad: but i put it in the fridge till its cold then it does not smell so bad,i am sticking to it 100% but yuk i HATE everthing is it just me? i dont want bars,or to make muffins,or crisps,that defetes the object for me ,making it into diff food ,will make me crave the real things.i am going to do this by christmas,but god just let me eat something nice along the way,sorry for the rant but sheesh everyone seems so happy with the luvly products i feel it is just me.lol
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Oh i feel for you.
Not sure that i could continue with the same determination as you, but i keep on CD SS despite everything.
The cappuccino sachet is the only one that has made me gag so far. Vile, hot or cold!!
I stick with porridge for breakfast, tomato & oriental as my 2 preferred savoury flavours and now i am back on chocolate, vanilla and banana as my 3 preferred sweet flavours. But oh so boring
Sorry you havnt found anything you like, most people seem to find at least 1 item they like.

Maybe your taste will change and you might start to like some of them, i hope.

Well done for sticking to it hun im not sure i could if I couldnt find anything I liked.xx


sisters of slim
S: 18st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 6st6lb(35.43%)
silly as it sounds i dont like spicy things and all the soups have a kick to them,that i stick my tounge out and go urrg my oh thinks its great,but i dont like sweet flavours either,i think it is because i like bland flavours and cd bless them try to jazz it up and its not doing it for me,got the strawberry milkshake tastes like i have licked the top of a lab table after a day of experiments,i think i will just put up with it and just think of the size 12 dress i have hung in my bedroom for xmas,that will keep me going


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Hi, since you prefer bland food have you tried to make half the sachet for the soup and add more water? I think that's what Susan said she does and she can stand the soups better that way. How do you make your shakes? Do you put them in the blender and add ice cubes? The ice cubes kind of weaken the taste a bit and thicken them up too.


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hi soola, poor you, there's nothing worse than not enjoying the flavours it must be really hard for you! as people have said earlier i find the iced shake the best, made with 10-12 ice cbues and not too much water it resembles ice cream (or mcd's thickdshake) and is not too sweet at all, i love the vanilla, toffee w and butterscotch this way.
Hope you find something you can enjoy soon!

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soola, you are so strong for continuing despite loathing the food packs. you are a star!!


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Hi hon,

Wow your determination is awesome... Keep at it, you're doing so well!

Have you tried the tetra's ? I'm not sure whether you have or not but they're lovely (or well, I think so) and might be worth a try.

Good luck!!

Go you ;-)

xx Lostris


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well done for digging in - have you tried freezing the tetras - they are yummy or having half a pack made into coffee - works with vanilla, butterscotch or choc
oh no. i had this last week and it really it the WORSE thing that can happen. in my first week it wasn;t the hunger or headaches that made me want to die it was the taste of everything. however, i started doubling on the water added and found that i can tolerate the hot choc and butterscotch and then found i was ok with the porrige and the bars are ok. so now i have 3 staples to have a day. its a bummer that its all sweet and i am not a sweet toothed person but everything else makes me gag.

keep trying - you will find soemthing you can tolerate. i would never go so far as saying that the flavours are yum - just tolerable for me. i am also worried now cos have had one bar a day and most people think they slow the weight loss!
Hi, question for Dogtainion you say making them into coffe, what does that mean. Are you talking about the tetras or the ordinary shakes. Can you tell me how you do it?

Thanks Sharon


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Poor you Soolaboola, I'm not sure I could do the same.

Not sure why some peeps seems to have a problem with the bars, i've had 1 a day since day one and have had good weight losses, i have also had semi skimmed milk in my tea and coffee and it does not knock me out of ketosis.. i suppose it's trial and error.

I make my chicken and mushroom soup into crisps, it has been a life saver for me..

Good luck finding what works for you soolaboola :)

Sarah xx
You kind of either use the shakes as a whitner in a cup of coffee or you add a teaspoon of coffee to your shakes, you can also use banana or choc tetras in your coffee to, they are lush.xx
Hello Susan, Thank you for the advice I did try using my vanilla powder to whiten the coffee and it was gorgeous, now run out not sure about using banana though might try it tonight. I am sure once I have been doing this for a few weeks I will be mixing like the rest of you. Just a bit scared to mix up something I dont like and then not have enough left for my remaining days, but it is so good picking up all the hints and tips.
Thanks Sharon