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Am loving this diet


is gonna shine in 2009
compared to ww i'm never really hungry, but am worried i won't lose much.....see i started sw last saturday on my own and seemed to drop 3lbs from the sat to the mon which is when i started at class and got weighed and i haven't lost a thing since then, infact i gained 1.5lbs then lost that and am back at where i started at monday.

So if nothing comes off before monday its gonna look like i haven't tried and have stayed the same on my 1 week lol. I know you're all gonna say stay away from the scales...but i have cut down on them lol.
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Step away from the scales!!!!

The sad thing is, Im the same and depending on what the scales reads, determines if I stick to the diet or not that day!!
Are you recording everything that you are eating? If not, keep a diary to help you. You can also see if you are eating enough (strange to say that I know!).
Try and avoid the scales Hun, its torture!



Over half way to target
Kirsty - if you knew what we were gonna say about the scales.....!!!
Scales are the work of the devil and are NOT your friend. Stick to the same scales, once a week max.
If you stick to SW it works - honest. I am a hungry hungry girl and being full is a major advantage of SW for me and I have still managed to lose almost 2.5 st since mid July despite my man sized portions. In fact its become a bit of a standing joke at work - today someone asked if I was sure there was enough room on my desk for any work considering how much food I had stacked on there!
Get stuck into those free foods and enjoy - the weight will come off.
Good luck.


is gonna shine in 2009
i've been filling the diary out as the consultant wants to look over them for the next 4 weeks.

i feel bloated and mu tummy defo seems bigger so hope its just bloat and storing water lol
Hi hun, try not to take any notice of your own scales, stick to getting weighed at class and that is it. I am lucky in the fact that I am too fat for our bathroom scales :D:D:D

It sounds like you are just a bit bloated, make sure you keep drinking plenty of water as this will make you feel full and also flush your body out, or something along those lines lol.

I am sure you will do well.


i love minimins me :)
hey hun

i jumped on the scales 2 days ago and it sed i had stayed the same and i was devestated! but i stuck at it and i got weighed this morning (weigh in day) and i have lost 5lbs! scales and weight are silly for girls they change their mind soo much hahhha



is gonna shine in 2009
WoW 5lbs that is fab going girl!

Thanks for the advice and i'm just gonna keep on track and hope for the best lol
Plus there's lots of fibre in the food so I found the change in diet bunged me up for a while and slowed down my loss. So make sure you drink plenty of water and STAY AWAY from the scales.

Sue (serial scale hopper):D
"no diet coke/pepsie bad,bad bad."

Perhaps. Bu I drink at LEAST 3ltrs a day of diet coke (My only addiction), sometimes 5ltrs, and I've lost just under 3stone since February ;-)
"no diet coke/pepsie bad,bad bad."

Perhaps. Bu I drink at LEAST 3ltrs a day of diet coke (My only addiction), sometimes 5ltrs, and I've lost just under 3stone since February ;-)
WOW!! I drink one or two cans a day and feel guilty about that! LOL!! You've made me feel a little better about it :D
I know it's not exactly good for you, but there's plenty of other stuff that's worse, right?! hehe...

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