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Am still struggling with my Dilemma!!!!

Although I thought I had answered my dilemma, am still having major doubts…..

Dilemma- I am in week 3 of Lipotrim and am taking my hubby to be to Dublin Fri 25th Jan for a surprise weekend for his birthday:D and I do not want to do the shakes over the weekend. Now clessofme gave me some great advice and advised me to stick to a Atkins style plan but I was scared I couldna do that and would start craving carbs and fresh fruit and veg whilst I was eating the protein. I spoke with my chemist and she advised me to stop Lipotrim this Sat after having my weigh in and do the re-feed for one week then enjoy my weekend and get back on track. This is was I thought I would do until last night….

I am so scared that I mess up the re-feed and go totally over bored and then find it really hard to get back on track… I def don’t want to be doing the full lipotrim plan whilst am away but would still like to lose as much as possible until I go. Does anyone think I could do lipotrim up until say the day I go then kind of do re-feed style plan over the weekend making sure I eat chicken and salad, or fish and veg etc then get back to it on the Mon? Or is it truly better for me to do the re-feed properly? My thinking is 2 days of chicken and salad etc is better than 7 before going back into Lipotrim full swing for another month. Am just so scared of losing this new found will power that has hit me this last couple of days!

Please help….
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I think your chemist has given you good advice. The reality is you are going to find it really hard to be away in Dublin for a weekend & re-feed over the weekend. I assume you will be eating out? Will you be asking in the restaraunt for your food to all be sauce free? Will you also be abstaining from alcohol? I am just concerned because you mention you are scared of losing your will power. If you know 100% that you can follow the re feed plan for the weekend only, thats fantastic, but if you have doubts then I think you should do the re feed week & enjoy your weekend.

You will have a great time in Dublin....used to live there but I prefer to visit now!! My parents are coming to visit me the same weekend you are going away so my diet plans are on hold til then!
Thanks for the one reply!! 34 views.......

Thanks Kazz for your reply, I know the chemist and you are right, I suppose am just scared of going through the first week again on my return from Dublin...

I dunno I would have to disagree with coming off lipotrim altogether.... believe me the first flush with this diet is golden and it is sooooooooooooooooooo hard to get back on track as much as you think you will do it no problem (and maybe you will) but I can only speak from my own experience!!

Maybe do the AAM or refeed programme after your next weigh in and see how you go with that and try to keep ur head in that frame of mind while in dublin and if you do stray from it so be it but at least you have something to base your eating habits around whilst here (in dublin) if that makes sense???

I just feel that if caution is thrown to the wind with the idea of getting back on track when you get back there may be a feck it attitude and you will have undone most or all of ur hard work so far!!! As I said I can only speak from my own experience and you may have this all sewn up urself and know yourself that you will have no problem getting back on track and if that is the case well great and just ignore what i have said :D:D:D

I'm a dub living in dublin.... not like that deserter kazz lol where abouts ya staying?? have ya been before?? any nice plans whilst here???

Gen xxx
Gen, I hear ya and this is why am having so much trouble decidin what to blinking do! This is not the first time on lipo after a few failed attempts and I know how easy it is to say oh sod it! I feel just now am really in the Zone - somewhere I AINT EVER BEEN I DONT THINK! My kind of thinking was to get weighed in this Fri (that will be end of week3) and instead of doin the normal refeed, maybe either try and add a meal or just keep going again until the Fri we fly over. Then whilst am away just have my 3 meals each day (I know I know that I wont have done the refeed yet) but make sure healthy? I'm not much a drinker so could easily go with out that. I know I def wnat to eat whlst am away tho and I know I dont want to do the shakes while we are there. Does any of that make sense? I know in the past when I have cheated I have gained 6lbs really fast, would that happen by just eating protien and salad?

We are staying at the Hilton, its a surprise weekend for my hubby to be's 30th!
which hilton ya staying at??

Would ya be willing to compromise with maybe 2 shakes and a meal?? at least then you still have the focus on the diet.... say if you had ur brekkie shake before you went down for brekkie and then had a rasher or something protein with a cuppa tea or something?? you wouldn't be mad hungry for the food but you would still know you could have it if you wanted to... does that make sense??

the fact you are in the zone makes it very important to make the right decision on what you do whilst you are here....

I would have been thinking about how you can get around the drinking whilst here but that doesn't seem to bother you so that is even better again!!

It is a hard decision but just think back to how hard you have found it to get ur head back in the right frame of mind to be in the zone this time....

Sorry if I am being too strong here... I just believe in sticking to it if you are in the zone if possible cos that zone don't come around all that often :D:D:D

Gen xx
Tell me about it, I have tried all types of diets and this is the frst time in years or ever that I can actually see me in a bikini on the beach this year!

Yeah so if I were to take my shakes with me have 2 and then in the eve have protien and salad? I would deffo want to be eating something! What about no shakes and just protien all the way? Would that work?


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no no no no no!!! You cant do NO shakes and protein!! Seriously, you KNOW you have to have your shakes, there is no way round it. You need it for the nutrition and blah di blah di blah.

On CD, you can have a small protein meal, on W8 you can have 3oz of protein (chicken, turkey, steamed white fish) and unlimited green & white veg....although I cannot say you SHOULD deviate from the LT plan, if you were to maybe take one of the bonus bits from another VLCD would that be so bad?! By the way AAM on CD & W8 are designed to keep you in ketosis, so you wont get the hungry feeling & wont struggle getting back into ketosis since you wont have come out. But you must steer clear from the dirty drink....its bad drinking when your in ketosis!

Personally, if it was me....I would take my shakes/bars, have them as normal & have some chicken & veg for dinner in the evening. Going thru re feed etc might work for some people but I know in my heart that I couldnt do it!

And Gen, I am not a bluddy deserter!! I have merely broadened by horizons....I am gonna bash you on msn when you least expect it!!
I just think if you don't bring any shakes you might be able to throw caution to the wind and promise yourself you will get back on it when you get back.

To be honest I wouldn't worry about it too much right now... maybe make a deal with yourself that you will decide 2 days before you are due to go and at least then you can carry on now in the zone and if you decide to eat then maybe have some protein stuff for the 2 days prior to going to get ur taste buds going again??

Gen xx
What is W8 AND AAM?

Its the hilton on the water front - appantly 10 mins from Temple Bar Area?

So what dod you suggest we do when we are there?! Now that I'll be watching hubby to be boozing the weekend away?!
Is aam add a meal?
Oh wow thanks for that site!

How depressing tho, I'll not even be able to try a guiness!!!
Maybe a t-shirt in a size smaller!! Thank guys, its great to hear your advice. Either way am sure I'll have a ball and if I'm not over indulging too much that means all the more to spend in teh shops!
Hi pineapple, im not too sure about the lipotrim way but on xmas i had 2 shakes, and light protein dinner and still lost that week so it it doable. Having broken from the diet (although not sensibly! :sigh:) i have had to get into ketosis again and it was quite difficult though everyone is different. Best of luck with whichever you choose and im sure you will have a brill time!

First I hope you have a fantastic weekend - have always wanted to go there but never made it.
My view is that I wold try to have the shakes x 2 a day and eat a small protein meal. It is really hard to get back on track even after a short time away (I know believe me!) Or maybe you could have the maintenance bars for two meals while you were away? They are not as bad as the other bars.

Let me know how it goes I will be going away myself soon and will have the same problem :)
I decided to post this on this thread as well, to finish off my dilema story!!!

Well thats me at the end of week 3 - I honestly CAN NOT believe it....So many times before I tried and gave in within a week but I really feel much more in control now. I lost another 5lbs this week.

Anyway the good news I finally decided about Dublin.... I was meant to be re feeding today so I could go away and enjoy myself (advice from the chemist) but I am not going to do re feed today. I want to carry on and am gonna try my utter most hardest to stick to 2 shakes and 1 small protien, low fat meal when am away. I can take or leave a drink and so that wont bother me! I have been humming an haying for about 2 weeks what to do and many of you wonderful people have given me advise, I guess I wanted to hear for a long time to go away and pig out and get back on track come the Mon, but I know now that I DONT want to do that. Lets face it if I wanted to do that then i could do it here at home, just becasue am going away doesnt mean I need to let my body become possessed again by that mad woman who eats everything in site!!

I have to prove to myself that I am in control what ever the situation and I know if I ccan over come this week (fri 25th) then I can well and truly accomplish my goals that I have set.

Thanks for all the advise people, its truly great to have you all to talk to, people on the diet just dont understand.


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