am tempted to come back


i love minimins me :)

I dunno if any of u will remember me? but i have done cd twice, once i lasted about 3 or 4 weeks and the second time i didnt last at all :(

i have about 6 stone to loose and i know if i stuck to cd the weight would come off a lot quicker, but if i try again n dont stick i think my cdc and H2B will be mad at me (he dont want me to do it as last time i collapsed at work - prob nothin to do with cd but still)

i dont really know why i am posting this, i just dont know what to do

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Hi Stacey,

Why not try one of the other CD plans rather than SS - see how you get on, I had so many 'start dates' for so many diets I lost count - this time it's really working though so I wish you all the best...

Coming on here is a great start :)

Sarah x


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Definitely wouldn't try to SS this time round. Have a look at 810 and the SS+ options.


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Hi hun,

If you collapsed at work that is bad! When during your CD-yourney was this? Within the first 3 days of after those 3 days? I've heard of people collapsing / fainting on CD. Where you trying to do too much too fast? It can be the getting used to low calorie / balancing that with how much excersize or whatever you do that made you collapse. (Hope I'm not hitting anyone in the head with this but I myself have felt very faint at times.)

Why not try a higher plan like suggested above?

Good luck with whatever you choose,


I can understand why your H2B is concerned!