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Ok I was thinking last night why do I want to lose weight?. And I came up with the reasons that I feel I need to lose weight. I going to work on my Weight loss goals today and take a few pictures of myself to keep a record of the before and after WW.

I’m going to keep this we Dairy to spare me on in my quest to beat my bulge. But first I want to be really honest with myself and work out why I am fat, and why I want to lose the weight.

I was 8 stone right up till I was 18 then I got pregnant with my we boy. I put on a whopping 7 stone in the last 6 years. I was unhappy within myself so I would eat everything that wasn’t nailed down. Take away every night, some times 2 a night. And my plate would be piled with food. A big tower of food to make me feel better. An Insane amount of food and I would eat every last bit. So I am guessing this is way I am fat. I have never been a sweetie eating person, I thank god for this small mercy or who knows what size I would be now.
I am a lazy person. There’s nothing I like better that sitting on my ass and watching the world go by. I would sit and stare at my pc screen for hours on end, only getting up to pee or ring in my take away. I was always like that even in school. I would skip days to sleep, and find it a nightmare to get out of bed. Nothing much changed after I had my son. I looked after him yes, He was a happy and healthy baby, he got 100% of me. But it stopped there. I didn’t look after myself at all, I would go ages without even washing myself. My house was always a mess also. And all the while as my life was falling apart I didn’t forget to eat though. Chippy food everyday for 2 years. that’s no joke. Then I broke up with my sons Daddy. He just couldn’t cope with the way the house was and the state I was in., So Pass me the phone, I think ill eat away my sorrows.

That’s how I got fat I guess. So much has changed for me though. First of im not as depressed as I was. 2nd I cant be lazy anymore, My son has started school and he needs to go everyday. So I have to get up everyday and get him out the door. I could never do it for myself, but I can sure as hell do it for my son. I started thinking he has watched me and how I am for 5 years, what will that do to him? I tried to make my boy lazy like me so I could sleep more. Didn’t work, he’s a ball of light and energy. A ray of sunshine in my life. But I need to do this for myself. Its got to be for me that I lose this weight. It wont be the cure to all my issues, but Its what I want to do. I feel like I have lost 5 years of my life and I want them back. So just 3 months ago I moved into a new house and my son started school. This is my big chance to change myself. A fresh start. “I was fat when I was 24 but I am not going to be fat when I am 25” This is going to be my mantra. I am going to give this diet my all, because its what I really want for me.

Sorry for the depression life story guys, but I want this here so I can look back on it when I am feeling low and remember why iam on this diet.
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Hey Hun!!

I want to congratulate you on ur honesty that is truly the first step!! You have had a hard time... ur partner should of been supportive during ur time of feeling down, were u diagonsed with pnd? if you had ull understand the difficulty in looking after urself... ull look after ur baby 100% and do everything for him but in a way u just let urself go and he would of got all of u that u didnt give urself any *me* time ..... and thats the bit u need to get back.... u now have a fresh start for yourself and your son in a new home and his new start to life too... only you can make this difference to your life and u now no food cant make it feel better in the long run it actually makes it far worse.... set urself mini goals be in get out for a ten min walk every day... or stick to the diet for a week.,... ull soon see the changes if u stick to it hun... always here for a chat xxx
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