An Entire Spoonful Of Pasta


I can do this.
well its done now so just forget it and get back on track, we all have slip ups(mine was last wk) lol. U CAN DO IT.


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its not the end of the world and the more u beat urself up about it the longer the guilty feelings will last - forget about it and carry it on like it never happened we are only human and it happens xx


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A whole spoonful? That's terribly...

... unlikely to knock you out of ketosis, ok? You probably consumed fewer than 5g of carb - that's less than there is in a CD shake. So as long as you don't go and eat the leftovers now, you'll be fine.

But don't do it again!!! :whip:


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Sundays are just so difficult :(
I sympathise. I find them quite difficult also especially visiting my Mum. That is the family meeting ground and oh yes, there will be food!!! Lot's of it!!!

So far I have managed to miss the bulk of my family. By the time I get there they are gone. That makes things a little more manageable.:):):)


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if it does knock you outit wont be for long drink a little extra water to flush it out, i dont think it will have done any harm apart from make cravings a bit more stronger for a day or so, dont beat yourself up about it we're all human xx