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An odd thing is happening......


synful soul
..... there are some drops of stuff falling from the sky and making my garden all wet. :eek:

I don't know what it is.....

Can anybody help??
I am not sure what they are but I wish I had some too !!

Does it look like this.

and do you need one of these...........

Now what is that stuff caalled........I can not quite remember but I swear it begins with an R.


Gold Member
It doesn't quite look like the first pic Sue but I need one of the second things. I remember that is called an umbrella.

R??? R.....err, still not coming to me. It's been so long!!!
Grr, I really dont want a large dose of the R stuff this weekend, thankyou anyway, my barbecue plans will be totally scuppered. That said, we are on a hosepipe ban from tomorrow morning so SOME of it will be a necessary evil.


synful soul
There should be a law that that wet stuff ( um rrrrrrrrrr a ) should only fall from the skies at night and never, ever at the weekends.
We have had that same phenomenon early this morning. Not enough for your fancy red brolly though. And now it has stopped - I was beginning to think I had imagined it!


Full Member
Send some to me. The fields are really dry its getting like a dustbowl in places. Hardly any grass left and its only July:eek:
I just hate it when I watch the weather forecast and they keep on about these low pressure areas with rain, "except for the south and east". Just as some seems to be getting to us, it veers away. Today's measly drizzle hasn't really helped at all.
We need it badly here - can you blow some our way? Garden no longer has a lawn - it has some funny yellow stuff that used to be grass.
Oh! I need it all gone in time for my hols :-D


Gold Member
It didn't last long. The great ball of fire was back within a couple of hours. Looks like I'll be draining the dregs of the water butts again tonight!!

Don't get me wrong, I love the sun. I agree it should only do the wet thing on an evening. That would be just fine.
I think if you do this each night at about 10p.m. it should work

and when it does try to remember that

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