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An oldie newbie :)


Eloquent hooligan
Hello :)

I was on LT last year for 4 months or so & lost 5 stones however in December I had a pancreatic attack & another in March this year which resulted in me having my gall bladder out in May this year.

Lack of gym & (frankly) a crap diet in between resulted in nearly a 3 stone increase between last September & now & it's time to address it.

I've now been given the all clear to get back down the gym & am attacking the cross trainer & weights with gusto... I had played with Celebrity Slim for a while a few months ago but frankly need the Sole Sourcing & discipline of LT to kickstart me back to shifting the weight... at least for the 1st couple of stone...

I've now cleared my fridge & have nowt in it but water :)

I've got a months worth of choc LT (only flavour I enjoy) & have some peppermint & almond essences to add to break up the monotony :)

Tuesday will be my WI day but no doubt I'll be hanging around like a bad smell in here during the week waffling rubbish & hopefully encouraging other people to keep on keeping on :)

I've uploaded some new (& very old !) pics under my profile... feel free to have a nose :)

So.... for the older members who know me.... what have I missed ? For the new ones who don't know me... God help you ;)
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Hello im new
gall bladder eh i had gall stones and in agony for 6 months lost over 4 stone put 2 back on now im here but without the pain ..welcome back x:)
almond essance.. is that allowed... i like the taste of that too. my new taste is my licorace mouthwash . dont swallow... followed by water.. it tastes like a PERNOD.. i feel like ime having a drink.. Breda is my name by the way. xx


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers for the welcome back :) What I love about this place is that no-one is alone & everyone encourages everyone :)

Debz - pancreatitis / gall stones is absolutely THE worst pain I've ever experienced - hope you're alright now :)

dont swallow... followed by water..
Breda.. you sound like my ex ;)

I *think* almond essence is OK... although by the strict letter of 'da law' there should be nothing added to the shakes...
Well hello stranger! Sorry to hear you have been suffering babes but good to have you back rockin da house!



Eloquent hooligan
Well hello stranger! Sorry to hear you have been suffering babes but good to have you back rockin da house!

And YOU Porgeous are looking as drop dead sexy as ever :D xxx


Gold Member
I'll be hanging around like a bad smell in here during the week waffling rubbish
Hi Yep now I remember you! The rubbish waffler!!!!:D:D:D

Welcome back. Fellow reoffender here!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Howdy

WElcome.....I am a newbie, well almost on week 12 and about to re-feed, so wont be around as much.

I know about gall stones, had my gallbladder removed when I was 26, worst pain ever! Had my pain for 10 years cause the docs told me I was too young to have stone....they zapped them, and I carried them (yes, you heard right)!! about with me in a small plastic bag for years..they were enormous, but had to be broken down..hahah...gosh, I did get rid of them eventually, but I was sad ;-(!!!

Hope you are in good health now!
Hey Howdy, nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear you have been poorly but glad you are back to full health again.

Good luck.



Eloquent hooligan
Sara - I luffs ya too ;)

Scotty - blimey - you sound like you've been through the mill too ! I was lucky that my surgery was keyhole so 4 tiny slits / scars :) No repurcussions since touch wood (apart from getting fat !)

CF... hello you :D WOW ! Look at your stats - you've done amazing :D x
Hello Howdy :) and welcome back!

You seem to be very determined and know what your doing so i am sure you will be fine :)

Good you can get rid of all the food so no temptation! My other half doesnt stop eating.. Although our electrics have gone in the kitchen this weekend and we currently have no fridge, freezer or cooker so now he cant eat too lol

Good luck!
Hi and welcome back :)

Sorry to hear you've had health problems but sounds like you're ready for the joys of LT again ;)

Best of luck!


Success leads to success
Hey Howdy

Welcome back to the fold :) Im a newbie too 10 weeks so far had 3 weeks off for a hol and refeed. Sorry to hear off your recent health troubles, but sounds like your recovered and ready to kick butt! Good luck for next weeks weigh in. :D
welcome back Howdy, glad your feeling better and good luck! x
Good luck mukka!!

and Porgeous you just get sexier x


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers again all for the kind welcomes :D x

Good luck mukka!!

and Porgeous you just get sexier x
Gaaaaaaz me ole mucka - how's tricks ? Keeping these ladies in order I hope :D

Another reason for me wanting to lose the weight... I did this earlier in the year & can't wait / weight (see what I did there ;) ) to do it again... I got the bug BIG styleeeee :D

(can't wait to go parachuting again that is, not having a Village People lookey-likey strapped tightly to me rear)


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Hey dude! i remember you from the last time i was on here! u lost loadssss!

my mum just had her gall bladder removed so i can see what u meen.
Well done on your tandem jump mate, where did you do it? i dont come on here no more really so dont know anyone, i just see the odd name I recognise, I will keep popping on to see how your doing. I put a little back on but I did the Be-Yu VLCD its similar to LT but far more pleasant.
see you around fella and once again , good luck!!
Welcome back x

I`m a n00b (currently in week 2) so wasn`t around when you were here before.

I hope all is well now healthwise!

I waffle rubbish too so we should get along fine ;)

LiSe Xxx

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