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Here is the lastest on my son.

He has been to theatre today and he still has his leg - for now.....

The surgeons decided to wash out the inside of the leg and then vacuum any 'slough' away, then leave the leg a day or two and she what develops.

So they have closed the wound on one half of the leg only (the wound is from the knee down to the ankle) he has a big tube in the other side which is draining all the time, and the muscle is still very swollen.

He has spiked a temperature since he has come back from theatre though, it was 80.2 when I was talking him just now, and he has a rapid pulse, but his BP is normal.

So they are giving him med's to try to bring the temp down, and have taken blood to check it for infection - it could be that the trauma of the op today has caused the rise in temp - we shall have to see, he is also back on a morphine pump just for 24 hours.

He still can't move his toes, and he has no feeling in them either, but he has a pulse in the leg, it could be nerve damage, but again they can't say as yet.

That's the news on Jamie at the moment....

He is still not out of the woods yet and has a long way to go, but he is holding on at the moment.

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and prayers, Jamie thanks you too as I have told him about you all.

Bless you. XX
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Thanks donnie! my nan has been through something v similar and we thought she ws going to lose her leg, there is a chance she still could.... but my thoughts are with you and your son!



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sending you lots of love and hope xxxx


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Hi Donnie,

Just read both of your posts, I hope everything works out ok.

He'll be in my prays tonight.

Lots of hugs


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Thanks for letting us all know Donnie & I am so glad that at least you have managed to get to speak to him today. Good luck for the next couple of days, we will all be thinking of you & Jamie.



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Keep positive Donnie im sure everything will be ok. Make sure you are looking after yourself too, all that stress and worry is bound to take its toll so just take it easy xx

My thoughts are with you. xx
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I thought about your son today when I was out and about because I remembered that his operation was due. Thanks for the update and keep us posted.
I hope that you are managing aswell, it's very worrying for you xx


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thanks for keeping us updated donnie, i've still got everything crossed for you all and my thoughts are with you, as they have been all day. xx


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Been thinking of you all day Donnie, glad to hear the op went ok. Obviously its still a worrying time for you all. Lots of get better {{{{{vibes}}}}} for Jamie. Xx


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will keep praying for all your family and especially your son !


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Donnie, that is all great news!! Considering the alternative news you could have been giving us that is very positive. He is definitely in the right place and it is very positive that they are doing so much to help save his leg. If they thought there was no chance they would just have taken the easiest option and amputated. Fingers crossed for him x

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