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Ancient Egypt!!


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Just read through the whole thread, your experiences in Egypt sound wonderful! this is definately something we intend to do in the near future. It was interesting to read that some peoples Grandad's were in Egypt during the war, my grandad too served there, he was in the airforce and has some great photos.

Lacey I was really interested to read that your Hubby was Rameses II in a past life:eek: Were you joking:confused: I'm a great believer in past lives and have had many past life regressions done. I have never lived a life of a historically famous person though, and all the ones I've discovered I've been a bloke, would account for me being a tomboy in this life I guess:rolleyes:

I'm really interested in lots of ancient civilisations, their beliefs and ways of life etc. Another favourite of mine is the north american indians. The Incas being another, but Egyptology has to be a big favourite and it's wonderful that so much of their past remains intact for us to learn from.

One of my favourite pharoahs is Akhenaten, I think he fascinates me because of the way he tried to change religion, For years they had worshipped lots of gods, then he came along and declared that there was only the one god Aten.



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Hi Iris
My ex husband went up the town in 07 and came back and said I`v booked for us to go to Blackpool for a week I said to him that's great we can pop down to N.Wales to see me mum and family . The next thing he said no were going to Egypt god I nearly died . Well the day before we went I was talking to my daughter and started crying saying I`m going to go out there and die with the heat it was in the 40 s . But I did go to Luxor and it was great but the heat nearly killed me being so fat . But after I get the surgery and loose the weight I`d luv to go back there we went on a cruise up the Nile as well it was lovely I would highly recommend it . Good luck and take care .


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Ancient Egypt really resonates with me... love it... I love all esoteric / spiritual / mysteries type stuff :D

This is a REALLY good book to read about psychic questing which has a lot to do with Egypt & in particular with Akenaten... even if you read it as a work of fiction (it's a true account) then it's still bloomin ace :D

COLLINS ANDREW - The Seventh Sword

Psychic Questing

Andrew Collins (author) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thanks for that Howdy :D

Will def be looking for a copy of that. :D

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this is it!
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Ancient Egypt fascinates me as well! x