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  1. sazzybaby811

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    Hi all...
    Im on Day 1...following a few failed attempts. Im at a point that I now know why Im eating the way I am..(nope...not a comfort eater)..and the only way to change it is something like lipotrim where all control is taken away. So Im really looking forward to getting into ketosis and getting on with it. I know these next few days are beyond crucial..hence Im at home to complete them...unable to get through it in work...Im quite excited at the weight loss...Every pound adds up...but yeah...don't we all love the quick and fast loss..haha..
    Im 5'2, 19 stone size 20-22. Iv never been skinny...but I did have a marlynn monroe figure of 12/14 bust, 10 waist and 12/14 hips. iv was 10-10.5 stone and thought I was so overweight. My aim is to get that figure back. While Iv put on the weight since then (I was now dare i say it..33) I really put on the weight in the last 7 years. I began personal training...and loved a good kick out of it..but then tore my cartilage in my knee and needed surgery. so im just about back walking now..not much...but Im starting this and by the time Im ready to get back into the personal training, hopefully I will have lost a good bit of weight...therefore not as much pressure on my knees. I do have a concern though..dont worry it wont stop me doing this...Im just trying to be proactive...and try amd prevent it...but how can i try and prevent excess skin?? my arms and lower abdomen ( possibly my ass and legs then too)eould be most at especially from those who have gone through extreme weighloss would be greatly appreciated..
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  3. sazzybaby811

    sazzybaby811 Member Im on Day 3....I found that Iv needed to go to bed early because I just feel like crap in the evenings. At least Im busy during the day and you look forward to the next shake...but evenings is chill time...and I feel that if there was food in my house Id be in trouble..(thankfully empty presses and fridge is gone cos its broken)...Iv no specific craving so im believing its bodys last ditch attempt in screaming out for anything..and seeing a loss on the scales this morning was all helps...

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  4. sazzybaby811

    sazzybaby811 Member

    so...Day 4....HELLLLOOO KETOSIS!!! Yesterday was so tough.:banghead:.I wasnt craving any one was more like last desparate bid by my at lunchtime I took out take-away menus...and then decided i was getting a pizza later for BGT...and went through what I wanted on it..watxhed BGT and get after I drop such and such into home 10.30...wasnt hungry...or craving..was able to stay up for another hour craving free and went to bed...:D
    this morning I popped on the scales and im 8 lbs down!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek: so im in flying form work so its tougher...have to cook for others...but that loss has me flying!!!

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  5. Crazii_Makeup

    Crazii_Makeup Full Member

    Hi sazzy, welcome to the Lipotrim club :) Congrats on making it this far, the first week is always the hardest! Regarding the loose skin, so far I've lost almost 8 stone and haven't really got any loose skin thankfully. I have a few wrinkles of my stomach but that's about it. I was really worried about loose skin too especially on my stomach because it was so big but thinking about it now, i would rather have some loose skin than to be almost 23 stone again and size 22-24 (I'm currently 14-16 :)).

    I'm sure your aware there are a whole load of factors that affect skin and its tightness like age, sun exposure, genetics, bad diet, stress, smoking, achocol, dehydration etc. so to help avoid or minimize loose skin is to lessen these factors. It's also important to remember that your skin is a living organ which changes and adapts throughtout your life and it can take up to 2 years for your skin to readjust after weight loss depending on how much weight you have lost so dont worry :D. What I have been doing to help minimize my loose skin is

    1. I have been making sure my body isnt dehyrated. I almost always have 4 litres of water a day on TFR but if I still feel really thirsty I might drink 5 (I know Lipotrim only says 4 litres but Im not ignoring my body :p)

    2. Ive been taking multivitamins which have vitamin c and zinc because they are needed for collagen and elastin production.

    3. Ive been trying to use mild/organic shower products to try and stop my skin from dehyrating. Soaps that contain sodium laurly sulfates (SLS) dry out your skin and if your skin is not hydrated = loose skin. I also have been moisturizing twice a day with a good moisturizer and using bio oil and other oils with contains vitamins to rub on my most worried areas before bed. Exfoliate and dry brush too as it gets rid of dead cells and improves circulation.

    ont forget to keep us updated on your weight loss, best of luck!
  6. sazzybaby811

    sazzybaby811 Member

    Thanks hun...oh I wouldnt choose having my weight over loose skin..dont worry about that...Im just looking for tips to minimise the chance of it happening...
    but while I will do what I can to ensure it doesnt happen...I have also decided not to panic about it....there are things you can do about it..haha...Im just focusing on me..and getting through each day...

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  7. sazzybaby811

    sazzybaby811 Member

    so...first week done and dusted..down 11lbs.:D:D:D..I will sooo take that...
    but I will say that today and yesterday I have found that I am exhausted....:confused::confused:and a mid afternoon power nap didnt help...:sly:

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  8. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Full Member

    Well done sazzy thats amazing....chin chin (of water) to week 2 xxx

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  9. sazzybaby811

    sazzybaby811 Member

    sparkling water is my treat!!haha...yeah im 2...come on..:D:D:D

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  10. sazzybaby811

    sazzybaby811 Member

    so...iv lost 3lbs this week.:confused::confused:..but...i had a cousins birthday..and end of college they were my wagons.:rolleyes::rolleyes:..i wont complain too Im back on it..well technically I never came off it...I will say that my insides are in a heap...but its grand...thats why you dont fall off the wagon...Iv no more distractions until lets go for it and see what happens in that time..
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  11. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    Hi hun... I did this diet in 2011.. not logged into the site for a fair while now. My advice would be to make sure you keep your body very well hydrated and drink enough. If you dont then yes it could effect what your worrying about. I have a little bit of lose skin, and I didnt drink near enough. Just started back on again yesterday at 13 stone 7lbs... want to get to 9 stone 7lbs.. and i`m drinking around 3 litres. Hope this helps.. :D

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