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and now glandular fever too!...

along with my blocked bile duct and liver inflamation, my Dr tells me today that my blood tests show I've got glandular fever!

There was me thinking I was being lazy sleeping so much. Turns out I have a good excuse!

Really fruatrating though as my running was going really well and now I can't even get myself out of bed. Booooooo :-(
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they've no idea at all really. Had two bouts of flu very close to each other over Christmas and that could well have been the start of it. Having gladular fever at 32 is a bit strange as most people have it much younger. Got to have another liver scan to see what the damage is. It seems everything's linked. GF could have caused the bile duct problem etc. Who knows? Just got to wait ANOTHER 2 weeks fora scan to see and keep sleeping in the mean time I guess!
what a pain, hope you make a swift recovery
daisy x


Surgically happy.
aww Rachel :(

At least you now KNOW. Ot's not great news but whether you knew or not, you had it - so betetr to know and be able to deal with it.

Feel better soon xx


Is back in the saddle!
Blimey! Well that's your three things, I forbid you to have anything else wrong with you!!! Now go and get better asap!
I know, it's an impressive list of illnesses! Hopefully I'll be on the mend soon. Can't be bothered with it. Want to enjoy a slime HEALTHY body. Not the one I've got at the moment!
I meant SLIM not slime!! lol
Aww huge hugs so sorry to hear you're feeling so awful :( really hope you feel better soon!

Emma xXx
Good luck Rachel

I'M convinced, all these things are linked and your body is telling you to ease up on the running for the time being. Now you've got to.
Speedy recovery hun xx
i know, its mo body's way of saying 'slow down'. It's so frustrating though! The doctor has warned me if I go back to exercising too soon I could do some serious damage to my vital organs so I'd better listen to him and take it steady.
Still in bed at 11am on a Saturday. Now that's taking it seriously easy. Breakfast in bed. I could get used to this lol! xx
Oh what I wouldn't give for a weekend lie in ... out the door at 8.30 this morning to take my daughter to ballroom dance classes and the same time tomorrow for swimming lessons lol:p..... although clearly wouldn't want your ailments Rach and can't beleive you've got GF too. You must take things easy hun as you must have been well and truly over-doing it.

Sending hugs :hug99: for a speedy recovery and many more well deserved lie-ins! x
thanks for all your get well wishes. Got out of bed for a bath about an hour ago but other than that I've pretty much slept all day. It's ridiculous! xx

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