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And now I've gained :( :( :(

Step away from the scales!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is your "bad side" pushing you on the scales....you're setting yourself up for failure every time you get on - then the "bad side" wins and you'll end up comfort eating. You had such a major loss in the first week, it'll probably be much smaller this week anyway....

You really do need to stop weighing yourself, concentrate on planning your day, drink your water and find something else to think about!?!
If you eat the packs and drink water then you will be slim.

The diet works for everyone.

You cannot sustain body weight on 500 calories a day.

Therefore just focus on the finish line and not living the diet by the day or weekend.



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Aww. It's so disappointing isn't it, but as Mike says, the weight will come off. It has to. If the scales upset you, hide them until they can speak nicely :D

Stick to SS 100% and you can't fail.
I know you're all right it's just that I never had this happen last time although admittedly I didn't weigh myself at home for the first few weeks but even then I lost 18 in my first week and 6 in my second-I'll be lucky to have lost 1 this week :(


Gone fishing
That's so annoying for you:mad: Doesn't sound like you are going to have the 18lbs this time around, but I bet the scales will move just before weigh day.

I usually stayed the same until a day or two before, then it would just drop.

When I SS'd the first time I lost 8lbs, but when I did it again after eating healthily I only lost 3.5lbs. There just wasn't the glycogen there.

There does seem to be a correlation between how much you lose that first week and how much high carb stuff you've eaten the week before.

Fingers crossed for you for your weigh in. Bet you'll get a nice surprise. Hang in there.
Yes but I've already had the first week and lost 16lb!Because I've done this before I was expecting a similar pattern ie around 4-5 lbs a week.I used to get on the scales every day after the first 6 weeks or so and it would always show a loss every day except around TOTM(which incidentally isn't due for over 2 weeks yet so I know it's not that).well I'll stick to it for the rest of the week and see what happens but so far i'm not happy this week :(
My week of staying the same is about 1 .5 to 2 weeks before totm so it is possible your body is retaining .The other thing to take in to account is my cdc scales weigh about 3-4 lb different to mine so when you go for official wi there might be a similar difference for you .I weigh myself every morning :whoopass:and every night before bed :whoopass:but i do it in lb only not stones and pounds that way i lose a little bit most days be it just .1 of a lb lol .I have found at different times of the day i can have a difference of about 4 lb in my weight.So stick with it hun it will work just the evil scales playing with your head dont let them win .Sending you good:vibes: and :grouphugg:
I haven't actually been weighed on CDC scales yet as she forgot to bring them last week, so I'm only going by mine anyway.This dieting lark is no fun!

Lil K

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I had a week quite early on where I just couldn't stay off the scales and it really messed with my mind - since then my OH now keeps the scales in the boot of his car and only brings them out on a Monday morning for me to weigh myself, they then go back again for the following week. I rarely get like I did in that manic week, but even if I do I can't weigh myself anyway. It may sound a bit drastic but it's worked for me.

I know it is a dissapointment if the weight doesn't come off as quick as you may have hoped, but what you don't lose this week will catch up next week.

Stay strong x
Well this is just taking the p***!!I've now gained 2 pounds!!!How??I hate the scales.Unfortunately I'm not strong enough to not get on them.I had 7 litres of water yesterday so I know it's not that.Plus 3 packs.A cup of bouillon and a black coffee.So how on earth have I gained weight??I am so close to just saying sod it.I mean when I was losing on LL it was great and I could stick to the diet because of the great weight loss.If I'm not going to be losing then what's the point???And it's just not normal to not lose and then gain.I've never had this happen before.
As I've said before, if you give up you are cheating yourself and proving the critics right.


It will either be water retention (which btw I always get after drinking bouillon) or are you constipated???

I urge you to put the scales away, throw the batteries in the bin or something, you are self-sabotaging.

I stayed the same/had a gain at official weigh in for 2weeks!!! But now I'm back to losing again, purely because I've stuck with it.

At the end of the day, keep your target in focus. Do you want to be be happier, more confident, healthier and slimmer? If you do, then STOP getting on the scales, get on with your life and keep SSing.

I know that it is easy to become preoccupied with our weight on such an extreme diet, but it really will make your time harder. Try pampering yourself; could you go to get a beauty treatment, get a new hair cut or go window shopping? Sometimes I think we all need to spend a little time spoiling ourselves. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we're not worth the effort; but if you spoil yourself then you sort of realise that actually we are worth all this bother, cos we are blimmin fabulous. A strong sense of self worth goes a long way.

Failing that, look at the inspiration thread, that always works for me.

Oh, and btw, you lost more in your first week than I lost in my first 3 so I shouldn't be too disheartened!
Pony I know I know and if this was say 2 months into the diet, Ok I could deal with it, but it's the fact that it's the second week and that really upsets me.I can't afford to treat myself.It's as much as I can do to pay for CD.My bf is naturally very skinny(he's a little underweight and eats loads) so he doesn't really understand how I feel.
I've never really had water retention to the extent that I gained!When I was retaining water I always just lost a lb or 2 less than usual.It's just so discouraging!This diet is hard enough when you're losing, let alone when you're not :(
I agree with Pony..........GET RID OF THE SCALE!!!!! You're only making your self crazy by weighing every day and you're close stopping the diet i read between the lines. Don't give your self an excuse to do this and stop giving your self a hard time. If you know you don't do anything wrong, the weight will come off.

polishrose - each litre of water weighs approx 2lbs so it could be that your body is retaining some that you drank yesterday (7 litres:p How did you manage that much?)

If you are sticking to the diet 100% there is absolutely no way that you cannot lose. You are only consuming under 500 calories.

You lost over a stone last week and even if you only lost 1lb this week - that is still 17lbs in two weeks. :) You need to look at the big picture and the average monthly loss is one stone so you are already achieving that.

Step away from the scales and give yourself a break - you are doing amazingly well and I'm sure you will lose come weigh day. I have times where the scales don't move and then you lose 3lbs.

Our bodies are strange things and will always do what you least expect them to do

Take care
Hey Polishrose - don't worry about this temporary thing. I didn't lose anything in week 2, I've had 2 'plateau' phases (still in the second one!) and even gained one week (never cheated), but overall I've lost tons of weight, and you will too, if you just hang in there. It's absolutely true that you MUST lose weight on 500 cals a day, but bodies are weird and the loss doesn't always show as a smooth progression - if you were drawing a graph of weight loss it would be a series of uneven steps, not a nice straight downward line. You're just on one of the steps (and so am I!) and we have to wait a bit until we go down to the next one.

IMHO you need to distract yourself and not obsess about the scales. Go for a walk, have a clear out, phone a friend, draw, write... let the weight take care of itself, because as long as you stick to SS, it will. Good luck!
Pony I know I know and if this was say 2 months into the diet, Ok I could deal with it, but it's the fact that it's the second week and that really upsets me.I can't afford to treat myself.It's as much as I can do to pay for CD.My bf is naturally very skinny(he's a little underweight and eats loads) so he doesn't really understand how I feel.
I've never really had water retention to the extent that I gained!When I was retaining water I always just lost a lb or 2 less than usual.It's just so discouraging!This diet is hard enough when you're losing, let alone when you're not :(
Do what I do when I'm broke and driving myself to distraction... have a lovely long soak in the bath, listen to some relaxing music, read a book, slather yourself in moisturiser, do your hair and makeup, paint your nails, just invest some time and effort on you (which if you're anything like me you don't do anyway near enough). I know it sounds mad, but keeping yourself busy is half the battle. And, as I said, gaining a sense of self worth is a big thing. If you feel fabulous I really believe you are more inclined to put up with this sh*t, because (As L'oreal would say) you're worth it.

Hope that helps a little.
Oh PolishRose - I can feel how frustrated you are.

Please - PLEASE be strong - I don't know you, but I know me, and I know how easy it is for me to find excuses to stop trying. WHen I have given up in the past, it has been a great relief. For abuot 5 mintues. THen I am wracked with guilt, shame, etc. - all the stuff we all know about. Please don't put yourself through it - together - with all of us here in the same boat - you have loads of support. We can make up for hwat your partner doesn't understand.

Please, PLEASE get rid of your scales. JUST DO IT. You must, I feel, or it will sabotage your efforts.

Who knows why your body is holding steady at the moment - but look at this logically - if you have been following hte plan as I believe you have - then you surely must know just be reason of logic, that the weight WILL come off. It may not show this week - and that would not be surprising based on the massive loss your first week - so you may have another fantastic week ahead where you will be rewwarded for BEING STRONG, and BELIEVING.

Also - 7 liters is ALOT of water - not only does it weigh something in your body, you may be retaining it. Maybe there is too much of a good thing?

When I did slimming World - I only lost every other week. It was just the way my body dealt. But the weight did come off.

Please. Please don't quit. PLease stay on the course with us, and fight the good fight. BAN YOUR SCALES - they are going to defeat you otherwise. Please. Please try to - be brave!!! At the end of the day, you are letting the scales run your life at the moment - they are evil things. Personally, I do not intend to step on my scales at all. In slimming world I never did. Only once a week at class. I feel you MUST stop stepping on them if you want to succeed - if you continue to step on them, you will be defeating yourself.

I'm worried about you. Pleae don't stop the plan. Please be the one in control - and have PATIENCE. Scientifically it is impossible in the long run that you would stay the same or gain weight if you are abstianing - it is not possible. For whatever reason, your body is simply holding on at the moment - bare in mind whenever we diet we mess with our natural metabolism - that may be what you are experiencing. But it WILL come off.

Please - KEEP THE FAITH!!! You WILL win!!!
Thank you all so much!It means so much to me to come here and read all your lovely messages.
I saw the CDC today and she suggested that at my height (5ft7) I was close to needing 4 packs rather than 3, so for this week she said to try and have 4 packs a day and see what happened.I have some LL packs left(the smaller ones so I suggested I would have 2 CD packs and 2 LL packs, making it around 3.5 packs in total.She said she could see a difference already, and also to not go by my previous weight loss as 2 years is a long time and also having 3 miscarriages can have a funny effect on hormones which could be causing this plateau.She also said what you have all said-that there is no way I can have 500 cals a day and not lose weight.
I'm not going to give up.I'm too stubborn for that.And as I've been 100% abstinent for 12 days I know I can do the rest.It was always the first 3 or 4 days I had trouble with.I've got some ketostix so next time I need a wee (in about 30 mins probably-lol) I will check and make sure I'm in ketosis.
Just about to try a choc orange shake...hope it's nice..

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