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Andi's start again (again!!) for the last time diary!!


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After severely losing the plot on my SW journey (hmm - quite an understatement there!!) I am now back on it.

I joined in October 09, lost 3 stone 6 lbs up to Feb this year. And the it all went horribly wrong!!!

I went to class last night after not going for 7 weeks (I work shifts so can't go every week anyway) and not following the plan. I went on holiday last week all inclusive as well. The result was a 5.5 lbs gain. Not so bad, had I not gained 6 lbs before this at my last weigh in 7 weeks ago!!!!

Soooooooo. I have been a SW angel today - OK I went 1 syn over, but considering its * week and I really want chocolate, it's nothing really!!

I went for an EE day of -

B - 2 weetabix with sweetener (b), milk from (a) and a chopped up apple.

L - tuna fishcakes (made by moi!! - tuna, potato, sweetcorn, onion), lettuce and cucumber, el salad cream (2), velvet crunch crisps (4)

D - bacon & vegetable pie (1) - from new mag & made by mum!! (has got carrots, onion, spring onion, mushrooms, courgette in it), SW chips.

S - 2 x butterscotch hi fi (6) and a coffee sachet thing (3)

I need to go food shopping to get some more fruit in!!!!

Oh - and an hour of line dancing, where we seemed to do all the fast complicated ones!!!

Here's to hoping the rest of the week going as well!!

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Fingers crossed for you. I have found that when I've had a decent gain I've had really great losses the following week if I stick to plan. Good luck to you.

Gail x


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S: 13st7.0lb G: 10st0lb
So, yesterday I had a pretty crappy food day - but hey, today's another day!! :break_diet:

I had my weetabix for breakfast at 6.30am - and I'm still not hungry!!! Odd!!! I'm starting to get a bit hungrier and I know what I'm gonna have when the time comes!! On my way home from work, I popped in to Aldi and got a summer salad bowl (lettuce, red onion, carrot & something else....) and also some smoked salmon to go with it -yummmmmmm. For tea I was gonna have some chicken breasts with tomato & basil sauce / glaze - but Aldi had some 1/2 price lamb chops, so that'll be my tea (probably with cous cous & salad leaves???)


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S: 13st7.0lb G: 10st0lb
Well, I just wasn't hungry yesterday it would seem!! I ended up just having my breakfast, a packet of Velvet Crunch crisps, then the lamb chops (all 4 - the cat was happy as he got a plate of lamb fat!!) and cous cous. Not a good day - but not really bad either!!

The plan for today is to have an EE day -

B - apple, strawberries (from my garden :D), peach, butterscotch hi fi bar (1/2 b)

D - salad bowl (lettuce, carrot, red onion, red pepper), smoked salmon, hard boiled egg, EL salad cream (2)

T - chicken breasts in tomato & basil sauce (more of a glaze!), new potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, peas

HEA will be milk for tea
HEB - butterscotch hi fi bars

Lets see if I can do it!!!! More syns will happen throughout the day - may count a couple for the chicken breast.
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Hey! Welcome to minimins! Your recipies look amazing! V v yummy - how did you make your tuna fishcakes? that's the 1 thing that I miss from before sw.



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S: 13st7.0lb G: 10st0lb
Hello! I kind of made the tuna fishcakes up! I mashed some potatoes, softened some onions, opened a tin of sweetcorn and a tin of tuna, added some salt and pepper, mixed it all together with an egg, made it into fishcake shapes and frylighted it for a few minutes each side. :D

Well, another good day yesterday - pretty much stuck to what I planned and had 10.5 syns :)

Today, I've gone for green. Brekkie was Oatibix flakes and oat bran with jam on (which I had later on!). Dinner was spaghetti on toast. Tea will be spinach & mushroom canneloni (from the latest SW mag), probably with some salad leaves, which I'll be getting ready shortly. I am going to have a Curly Wurly afterwards too :gimi:


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S: 13st7.0lb G: 10st0lb
The canneloni was YUMMY!!! It was a bit fiddly to get it in the tubes, but soo worth it - and I still have 3 portions left over :D

Yesterday I did a bit of weeding in the garden and (with dad's help!) put together my newly bought raised bed, and planted my veg 'grobox', herb plants, leek plants, sweetcorn plants & cucumber plants. Let's see if I get any veg off them!

I also managed to get another few strawberries off my strawberry plants. And it looks like I'll have some blackcurrants soon - and raspberries & logan berries. Saves a fortune on these!!

I think I have finally cracked it (again!) with the food :). I don't seem to feel as hungry??? I am making sure I eat though! So, that means I may have to start doing the exercise thing!!

I've got a cross trainer / exercise bike in my spare room, and lots of DVD boxsets I can start watching!! Just doing it is the problem!!!!!


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S: 13st7.0lb G: 10st0lb
So, today is weigh in day - but I can't go to class tonight as I'm working. I did weigh myself on my scales this morning (they are usually the same as the group scales) and according to them, I am 3 lbs lighter!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I know all scales are different, different time of day etc etc but to lose ANYTHING the way I've been lately is a result :D. I might hop on them when I get home tonight as that is more like the time I weigh in.

I know that the only way I'll really know what I've lost is next week at group - but it's convinced me to carry on :D

I've been mixing green & EE days this week, so will carry on with that. Also been drinking more water / nas. Just the exercise bit now.......:eek:


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