Angel has gone ........


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Hi all,
Well my daughters hamster is dying as i type and i just dont know what to do ?
The hamster is cold and limp but its breathing a little and moves every once in a while i can see its dying but i am not strong enough to end its suffering i know by the morning she will be gone and so the vets will be of no use its a year and one week since there 1st hamster died bubblebutton :) in fact Angel (current hamster ) killed bubblebutton but it is a huge family cover up ! :eek:

So i am sitting here laptop in one hand and killer hamster passing away in the other ! :(

Hubby says i should put her in a sack with a brick and throw it in the river ! :mad:
Wonder where i can get hubby sized sack ! ;)

Thanks for listening to me ramble and forgive me Angel for not being strong enough to bop you on the head with a rolling pin or flush you down the loo ! (oh no thats fish ! )

Feel so guilty must go and find me tissues whatta baby i am xxxx
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Hiya m8

There should be an on call vet tonight if you want them to "do" the job.



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Awww - how sad.

It would cost an arm and a leg to have a vet out to 'do the deed' so I think the best thing to do would be to keep Angel comfortable in a warm dry place in her cage and let nature take its course.

As humans, we always feel the need to intervene in situations but dying is as natural as being born and so unless an animal is actually suffering, I truly think it's best to let them get on with the natural process of drifting off to their eternal sleep.

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Debbie's right. If the Hamster is very poorly it'll be gone by the time the vet comes and you'll be ££ down. Unless is sqeaking in distress just keep it warm and comfortable and it will slip to that big wheel in the sky naturally.


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Hi guys,
Thank you, i was in the process of tracking down a vet and Angel passed away she was being cuddled by my youngest who burst into tears then............ promptly asked for another hamster :rolleyes: .
I think maybe not !!!!!!!

I feels so sad poor little thing my hubby is disposing of the corpse as i speak bless him and my little ladies are discussing how Angel liked to pee on us all . :)

Thanks again love Julie xxxxx


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Awwww bless! When these little creatures are ready to make their final journey, they usually do it quite quickly and without a fuss. Hope your kiddies get over it soon. xx



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Thank you Debbie,
They have both fallen asleep and my youngest lit a candle for Angel ( i don't know where she got that from not really religious ) she felt it appropriate so thats good enough for me .
We all had to send her a kiss in heaven and encourage her not to come back and haunt us ! :eek: Hadn't thought of that !

I am worrying the girls will end up having nightmares it will probably be me ! ;)

Thanks for the piccy Debbie so cute :) xxxxxx

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Tomorrow night before the girls go to bed point out a bright star and say its Angel in the garden in the sky.

It worked when we lost pets.

Poor little thing still its all over now:(