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Angeljaide's 'bit of everything' Blog

S: 13st11lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st9lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I was going to do a food diary and a weight loss diary and posts about how I feel about stuff and then posts with questions I have etc, but then I figured with my little brain being easily overloaded, I;d just create a 'blog' so to speak and stick everything here. I doubt many people will be that interested in me to be fair but obviously comments and suggestions, advice and support are welcome :)

So, here I am, day 5 of SW and to be honest I think I am made a bit of a mess of my first week. I won't have gained - I do know that - but I certainly won't have the huge loss that most people get as a boost in their first week, which I am gutted about to be honest - but it's my own fault. I imagine I may lose 1 or even 2lbs or at worst STS.

I have chosen to have my syns on a weekly basis and to have up to the full 105 each week. I know lots of people go for no more than 10 a day but I decided personally to allow myself the fill amount if I want it, though I'm not going to force myself to have the full amount if I don't!

This first week has been kinda up and down. I've had 2 good days, one a bit bad and 2 pretty bad. I have been keeping my written diary for my consultant but I have missed bits and bobs off it I know. By the time I weigh in on Wednesday I should imagine that I will have estimated approx 20 syns per day overall. I'm struggling with the syns a bit and finding it hard to find things to snack on. I've had lots of fruit this week and also fat free yoghurt, but I can't really have too much fruit as I am allergic to lots of it and it gives me a horrible rash around my mouth which is irritating and sometimes painful. I'm also not a huge fan of yoghurt so am having 1 every few days or so. I am also a compulsive and emotional eater (hence me doing SW in the first place!!) and while I have managed to stop myself quite a bit, I have also have a few 'wobbly' moments. For example, today I have had fruit for breakfast, a sweet bun with coffee at my parents house, low fat super noodles for lunch, but then I followed that with my 2 Alpen bars as Hexb, a packet of chocolate buttons, a bowl of sultana bran and a weight watcher frozen dessert - so you can see how quickly I can add up my syns! It does upset me, as it makes me feel greedy and disgusting, but I recognise it's a problem I have and that I need to deal with that. I have 90lbs to lose to reach my personal goal and am looking to lose 1.5lb - 2lb per week until I achieve this - though I would have liken to have had the big loss this week to give me a boost.

Anyway, a bit about me for anyone who is interested! I am called Leanne. I am 31 is 2 and a bit weeks time. I am a teacher, and teach Health and Social Care at a college in Manchester. I love music and films, preferring the more goth or alternative music. I am single and live in my own house with my 2 cats, Sookie and Ziva in Leigh. I would love to meet someone but feel that the way I look right now is disgusting and unattractive so I don't feel like I could have a successful relationship right now. I have been fat since I was about 7 and had tried lots of fad diets and even weight watchers a few years ago at which I lose just over 3 and a half stone. Unfortunately for various reasons I stopped doing it last July and have gained back most of that. I had my first SW class last Wednesday and weighed in at 17 stone 1lb. My personal goal is 10 stone 9lbs.

Anyway, sorry for the huge post! I've had some lovely people here already friend me on facebook etc and am hoping to make some good mates here and therefore increase my chances at succeeding this time! As I said, feel free to comment on anything, or whatever. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned!
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In order to help you stop craving other things may be best to up your vegetable and fruit intake. Good luck on SW from another Mancunian :)


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Hey there!

Another two fellow Mancunians! :D
I'm finding more and more of you each day I'm on here! :)

I look forward to following your progress and getting to know you! Best of luck for your next weigh-in xxxx


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Oi! stop it now!
You are NOT disgusting and unattractive!
You are a person who just need a bit of tlc to point you in the right direction and you've come to the right place!
All the peeps on minimins are mines of information, and will celebrate every loss you have and kick you up the bum if you need it!
As for romance, it will find you eventually, I was 45 and 23st when I wobbled up the aisle!


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I found the first 2 weeks the hardest - I think it's the coming down from the "addiction" to sugar & processed things. Once I'd got used to not having them as often it got easier. You mentioned an allergy to fruit - are you OK to eat veg? If you have some fav veggies do a search on the site and see whether any recipe suggestions crop up that take your fancy.

I started at the end of April and I've lost just under 2 stones now with another 3 or 4 to go (not quite decided where to finally aim for yet). I'm loosing weight slowly but steadily (my first week I lost 1lb) - don't be disheartened with "only" loosing 1 or 2lbs a week - that's fine! Once you get into the groove I'm sure the lbs will fall off :)

Good luck!
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Hiya hun!
Similar weight, single and feeling unattractive and a teacher too - know exactly how you feel!!! Love this forum, even if it's taking me a while to get back on the wagon.
Lost 2 stone with SW two years ago - have kept it off, know I can do it again. Studying at the mo, planning on starting back on the programme end of this month -and going it alone - think this forum is as good as going to group without the cost. But only time will tell!!
Anyways, like the blog so far, looking forward to reading more in the slimmer future - good luck!
S: 13st11lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st9lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks ladies! Yet again there are wonderful people on here who remind me that I'm not doing this alone and that they believe I can succeed if I try :) I know there are so many of us on here who are at various stages of their personal journeys - some at the finish line, some just starting out, some part way there, some flying through, others struggling - all of us with our own little story to tell. I find it amazing how much people share and give of themselves here to others, usually complete strangers they've never met and yet they take time out to write down a few words of supprt which make such a big difference. You ladies are amazing, really!
S: 13st11lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st9lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
So, my first weigh in and I have lost...4.5lbs! I am delighted as I really did not think I would lose much, if at all given that I've only had 2 good days. However, I realise that I have the saving grace of it being my first week and that I won't get so lucky again. It has given me the motivation to be good, or at least better, this week. I have lunch out with friends on Friday and so far that's the only time I can see my using up many syns, but we'll see.

I will admit that I have found the first week a bit of a struggle. I hate that foods I consider to be 'healthy' such as porridge and sultana bran, cost me so many syns, and I am still struggling to stop eaching for food to satiate me when I am not physically hungry. Dealing with the emotional hunger is really going to be my biggest challenge. I have to break old habits and create new ones, which will take time, patience and persistence. It would be easy for me to fail, I know that, but I need to prove to myself that I am not a failure, that I can succeed and change my life for the better. I know it's essentially down to me, but being here on this site and having made new friends and having this support is going to help me a great deal, especially since I don't really like my Slimming World Class.

Ah well, week one down, everything to play for in week two!!! I'm setting myself a target of 2.5lbs this week, to achieve my first 7!


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S: 13st11.6lb C: 13st11.6lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done on your loss and imagine if you had been 100% on plan. Try to also drink enough water and get more of those foods that have an SS next to them. Good idea to save up a few syns this week for your lunch out with friends.
I have definately improved with the emotional eating and now try to focus on exercising, talking to friends or using the internet to distract me from eating when I'm under stress.


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Wow, well done on your weight loss, that's a fantastic loss hun :D

You have proven to yourself that you are not a failure by losing 4.5lbs in your first week. Keep it up and you will have lost a fair amount in no time at all.

I have a food diary I keep in my kitchen cupboard and try and plan my meals and syns for the week. I find it makes life so much easier knowing what you are having, instead of scouting around in the cupboards after trying to decide on what meal to have when you're starving already!

I don't eat scan bran but use my HEXB's for bread so for lunch at work I will take a sandwich, or soup, or make SW KFC depending on what day I'm on. There are also some fab soup recipes that are on here that are so quick and easy to make and are delicious (and this coming from a non cook)! There are loads of recipes for desserts etc as well, although I have made the Malteser Ice cream and can't say it was very good. It's personal taste though and there are cakes etc you can make. I can recommend the Smash Pizza and syn free chips :D

I'm also not that big a fan of fruit in general, but I've tried blueberries for the first time since being on this diet (superfree food I think) and find that I love them!

Your fellow adopted Mancunian,
Caz xx


Big, busty and Blowsy!
S: 24st6lb C: 22st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 56.5 Loss: 1st9lb(6.73%)
Well done!

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