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***Angenlina's weight loss diary ***start date 01/01/2011

I started the VLCD Lipotrim yesterday. I found this site and by the time I had found my way around it and coped with day 1....day 1 was over
I didn't miss food at all as I have completely gone to excess with food and drink especially over the festive period, so I actually feel quite relieved
This is the end of day 2; I felt a little bit dizzy this afternoon but had a chicken soup and a sit down and felt much better
I have felt more alert and have more energy
This is a good day!!!
I have 'found' peppermint tea!!!! I have a taste for it ..having read it can help with indigestion and I can't cope with too much caffeine
Must try to have more water though...and not to gulp a glass as soon as I remenmber
Ah well....soaky bath, face pack and hot choc prior to bed

X Angenlina X
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Fighting for My Health
Welcome and good luck with your journey. Do you have much weight to lose? xx
Hi jane
I'm not sure exatly how much I weigh but guess I need to lose about 4 stone.
I weighed in last week and asked not to know my weight (not sure why) it wasn't pre-planned!!!? I think I might try to have a ticker with weight lost..kind of reverse psychology if you like..see if that helps (I'll try anything)
You seem to be doing really well; well done you!!!
Restarts are really hard and I congratulate you for that!!!
keep in touch
x Angenlina x
It's day 4.....I missed putting on day 3 as I had a massive surge of energy and cleaned the house from top to bottom and made some meals for the kids and froze them. I did fel a bit headachy in the evening so think I may have over done it and/or not had enough water, though I did seem to be driking a lot. I didn't leep well and neither did my hubbie Aidan (we've started the diet together)
Suprisngly I didn't feel too bad when I got up; it was my first day back at work and it's gone well LT wise. I work as a commnity mental health nurse and was 'office bound' today catching up with calls and emails from over christmas and the new year, so access to the tap, kettle and loo was easy; won't be so easy when I'm out and about
Got home and tucking into chicken soup and ready for it...really enjoying it too
Roll on day 5..today has been good!!!!


addicted to minimins!!
glad your doing ok! and good luck to the pair of you. Dont worry about the sleep, there will prob be a few nights that will be unsettled and a few where you will probably even dream of food..no joke..but youll get through it...keep at it :D x
Ha ha Pudge!!!! yes we have had dreams of food!!!! I remember last time I was on VLCD I dreamt a lot about food, seems strange too but I wanted to watch lots of cooking programmes and the family did really well out of it!!!!


addicted to minimins!!
it does seem weird but loads of people seem to find a love of cooking on this! crazy... have you and your hubbie got the same amount to lose? itd be great if you both did it together for the same amount of time! x


Fighting for My Health
Glad to hear all is going well for you :) Day 5 already. Almost your first weigh in and the reward of that fantastic first week's loss :) Yay!

Afraid I'm one of those people who can't bear to be around food in any way shape or form whilst doing this diet. It's pure torture for me :-/

Day 5 .....it's been a bit of a struggle today, not sure why? i knew it had to come some time and will surely happen again and again. I felt tired today too which I think affected by will power
It was the smell of my colleague's lunch and I'll not go into details!! Smelt devine...then I sent a text to aidan..he sent 1 straight back to give me some encouragement!!! I stopped and thoughtm'am i hungry?' ..'no' was the reply. I kept focussing on that...drinking my peppermint tea and water til I got home for my chicken soup!!!
So yes I made it..and a hot choc to go to bed with.
Thanks for all the supportive comments...nearly weigh in day eeeee.
I have to say when I did Cambridge I lost 'nothing' 1 week; needless to say I was gutted!!! The week after I'd lost 6lb...so I am affected by fluid retention around that time of the month so I will watch out for it
Aidan probably has a bit more to lose than me but we will be doing the VLCD for the same length of time...that may be until we go away for our anniversary as we do every year at the end of Feb

Roll on tomorrow!!!
Day 6 ...not felt hungry and coped well at work today, that said I'm home and feel a bit miserable 'cos I can't eat!!!!! had my soup..think I'll have a early night. It's my first weigh in tomorrow


addicted to minimins!!
yay great job on getting through the week,, youll feel great tomorrow at weigh in and youve got through the hardest part of getting into ketosis... just stay in now until goal..:) best of luck with the weigh in,,youll be great! x
At least it is a loss Angenlina, and it may be that you are suffering from water retention....

4lb is over a quarter of a stone, so it's not bad at all really.. Don't get disheartened hun... See what next week brings, i bet it will be a bumper one x x

Well done!! x x


addicted to minimins!!
hey its still 4lbs off dont worry! and next week will be great and remember at least it better off than on! xx


Fighting for My Health
4lb is great. It's 4lb less than you were a week ago! Well done :)

You may not have had a whole load of glycogen to lose. Some people don't. This will account for the lower first week loss. It's sill a fab loss though :)

4lbs is great, very well done. I did lipotrim in 2008/2009 for 7months i didnt eat a thing, after the first 2 months, i didnt miss food at all. its like it was alien to me. i went from 20stone to 11 stone in 7months. I did 40 mins of exercise 4 times a week after the first 2 months. You can do it. lots of luck xx


Fighting for My Health
How are you getting on? xx

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