Ann Summers!!!!

yummy mummy

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Hi all, just thought id let you all know im out to an ann summers party tomorrow with an old school friend aint seen her since i had they baby. she always knew i was a bit of a laugh and extreamly loud. but dont know if i can stand the temptation of not having a drink. i dont need it but i know what she is like probably end up pinning me on the floor. would it matter to have a drink or 2?:confused:
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Hi yummy mummy,
don't think we've chatted before, but I have to say, if you can, just don't do it...I mean in the long run of life, no, 2 glasses of wine won't matter, but realistically, the sugar may knock you out of ketosis and it will go straight to your head - you'll be on the floor through drunkeness!
Can you tell them you're on antibiotics and just stick to the soft drinks instead, but take something with you like fizzy flavoured water (the one that's allowed).

Whatever you decide or do - have a great time. Ann Summers eh? Plenty to spend your money on ;)

yummy mummy

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thanks puddy cat! i really dont wont to so im sure ill make up an excuse. i know i havent been to one in ages but unfortunalty not treats for me or hubby coz i got no money, just started my new job so got to wait ages for pay day. but no harm in having a look and a laugh x


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alcohol on CD = very very bad idea. I did it. Check the glorious pictures in the gallery under my name to see the effects.

Just say your diet doesn't allow you alcohol or that you don't want to drink. People feel so don't have to explain and lie to people. Just stand your ground girlie!! Ann Summers parties are cracking!! don't play the marshmallow game though......marshmallows are not allowed on SS!!!

Have a fab time!!


yummy mummy

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thats ok then coley i dont like marshmelows any way, ive decided and have spoken to my friend and were all sorted no booze for me but i will still take a bottle for the girls x

yummy mummy

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ohyeah and looking at that pic i might give it a miss, lol x x x x


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Hey you just have a fantastic time at the Ann Summers party... bring your DH something nice home!!!

(Just avoid all the body paints etc...don't think there allowed on CD)... but you can get some for him to lick off you!!!!


yummy mummy

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i will try, have tryed the body paintsbefore and they were nasty apart from apple, but im sure i can give them a miss this time. Yeah defo its about time he gave me something well ill let you know if theres anything decent, last time i went the stuff was crap and over priced. cant wait to get together with the girlsaint done that for so long x x


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hiya im an ann summers organiser and i have a blast at all the parties i do and as i drive im always sober and enjoy it
the new catalogue is fab by the way xxxxxx have fun kerry