Hey all im new lol


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Where to start where to start

I'm stewart i am a daddy to 2 kids a lil girl aged 4 (soon to be 5) n a boy aged 6 and hubby to an amazing supportive wife, i have struggled with my weight ever since school after being bullied alot as a child, i am 35 years old now and after a few hiccups this past year with other things i have decided now is the time for me to pull my finger out and try lose some of this excess baggage!, i suffer from social anxiety and depression more anxiety than anything else really which i struggle with on a daily basis even though i am medicated, i spoke to my doc about wanting to lose weight and she siggested orlistat which she prescribed to me, and i am starting them tomorro (well today if u look at the time like i just did!) (holy shiz its late!)
I am also looking to do meal replacement shakes which i purchased from a site i used to use alot for protien shakes as i used to do a lil bit of wrestling here in scotland before i screwed my knee!, and i plan on doing the meal replacement shakes for 2 weeks with 1 meal a day and 2 weeks with a liquid diet (like soups and the likes) i aint a muscle man but i do have some hiding under the fat blanket, and i know its still there as i am still quite strong but i wanna lose some inches and gain some more confidence.
I actually found this site by accident when i was looking up orlistat/xenical/alli whatever ya wanna call it and i liked the whole openess and support that was shown so i have decided to join, hopefully i get on good with these pills and my diet plans and i also hope ya all aint bored of my long ass intro allready haha , thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope to get chatting to some of ya all soon

many thanks and HIIIIII Jesta (aka stewart)
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Nanny Doreen

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Welcome Stewart. I have just returned to minis. Look forward to supporting you.

I do the SW plan.

I put my food on here. It does kinda help.


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Best of luck Stewart, just take it one day or even meal at a time and you will be fine. xx