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Anne's journey to 9st 7lbs...

I have decided to do weight watchers, my baby will be born in just over three weeks and Im planning to start straight away - with my extra 10 points for b/feeding. Ive ordered the at home kit bacause it looks like ill be having a c-section so wont be able to drive for a good bit. So between now and then I am going to eat normally but count all my points because I know I wont have time to get my head around the points once bubs arrives and Im hoping ill be used to it by then and have a good idea so keeping my tracker will be easy (and rapid).

Im bridesmaid for my sister on 23rd May and even though I know ill not have lost much ill feel a lot better if I have at least eaten healthy. Im looking forward to getting to know you all and reading your diaries!
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Hi Anne

Welcome! :) Have you done WW before? A lot of people on here do it at home, so you won't be alone!

Is it your first baby?

Sounds like you've already got your head in the right place, which is always the hardest part - I'm sure you'll lose the weight in no time :)

Good luck!

hello there, im suz and also recently had a baby (my first) my beautiful little Lucas :)

i too came on here before i had Lucas and found that it really motivated me to want to do when i felt ready after my baby was born. i started WW when he was 6 weeks old and have been good and have had a bad month (feb i just couldnt do it) but im back on the wagon now.
im a bridesmaid in june and that too is a big motivator as i dont want to look bit on the piccies and all my work colleagues will be there and i dont want them to be thinking that i havent even tried to loose the baby weight lol

i hope the c section goes well, baby will be out within 5-10 minutes normally, do you know what your having btw?

suz x
Hi im a newbie, and i had my son in jan 08 by c section, and i have to say i recovered really quickly, and didn't find it painfull, more uncomfortable than pain really, so don't worry too much, its not as bad as others make out.
im getting married this year and have only 6 months till the date so am aiming for a 6 stone loss even though i want to lose 10-11 stone eventually.
good luck and let us know how you get on! xxx
Thanks very much for the welcomes ladies! I already have one little boy he is 13 months old - so life is going to be quite hectic! But I never lost the weight I put on when I was pregnant with him and I dont want to do the same this time, or ill never lose it. Im really excited about being fit and healthy - feels more important than being slim to be honest at the minute.


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Hello and welcome, Good on you for getting it all together before the birth. I do WW at home but I have done it before many years ago. MiniMins is fab if you have any questions, want motivation & support there is always someone around to help.

Good luck with the c section, I had one and it's all forgotten as soon as your home with babe.. Good luck with WW keep us posted :O)
Hi Anne and welcome to the forum

I am well impressed by you being so organised - getting your head around WW before your baby is even born. That's great.

good luck with the baby and with the WW journey.

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