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Annoyed with myself...any tips?

Hi everyone!!!

I need some help/advice if anyone has any! In the week I'm really good. Eat my points, sometimes save but never go over. Come the weekend I eat anything and everything just because my fiance does. I feel like I'm ruining my hard work all week but can't seem to stop myself!!!

I'm a big girl, and losing 1lb a week for two weeks now is getting me down. I'd be happy with 3 or 4lbs a week because of my size at the moment. I know that rate of loss wouldn't carry on forever though...

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id suggest speaking to your OH to see if he will encourage you to stick to it. my OH has been eating the same meals as me and he even made a zero points soup last night. if he knows how much you want it maybe he will change his eating habits too? x
Oh my word...he knows how much I want it. I'm not blaming him in the slightest!

I'm convincing myself I can fit things into my points when I evidently can't...weird eh? It's a psychological problem rather than a problem with the diet and its only me that can put it right.

I've decided I'm changing my weigh in day to a friday. That way, I have time to rectify any slip ups I make at the weekend :)
sorry i didnt mean he wasnt supportive hope i didnt come across in that way
is there any way that during the week you can make some 0 points soup to fill up on and then leave yourself some points to eat with you OH? x


Green tea advocate!!
Oooh i know this feeling all too well! My OH can eat and eat and not put a pound on and yes, i too am guilty for eating the wrong things over the weekend. One way of getting around this is for me to all of the cooking, that way he either eats what he's given or cooks himself something different. I also have a trip to Poundland and stock up on goodies, WW Puffs are 1pt and the WW chocolate cake bars (yummy) are 1.5 ts. Then if he decides to have a pig-out, i do too but just on really low point food lol :D

My biggest trip up was breakfast, i dont know if you're the same? This weekend i decided against the 'naughty' breakfast and made Scrambled eggs whites, Mushrooms and Chopped Tomatoes on Wholemeal bread - it was massive and filled me up until the afternoon (all of this was only 1.5pts!!) - it's just about finding sensible alternatives.

Another part of it is complete willpower - if i feel like i need to munch, i come on here and that spurrs me on! Or go for a walk if i eat something naughty to try and make up for it lol :D

I think the most important thing to do is not beat yourself up about it - if you eat something you shouldn't or fall off the wagon, just get right back on! :) You're doing a great job, just don't beat yourself up after a bad weekend!! x
Hiya Olivia, I'm in the same boat. I have alot to lose and I'd like my losses to be about 3lbs a week too. The weekends are where I'm likely to eat more. My partner has adjusted his eating a bit to help me. I'm likely to eat more at the weekend, but all I can do is just think I can't go back now. If I do eat too much, I'm going to try and not be so hard on myself now, and just get focused and back on track. My WI day is a Friday


Hi Olivia

I'm not sure how it happened for me but recently when presented with "naughty options" at the weekend I have felt terribly guilty because I have tried so hard through the week to stick to points that I just feel I am cheating myself if I overindulge at the weekends.

As previously suggested, you can still "pig out" but just do it with the right treats. I would sometimes have chinese at the weekends and to combat the massive points, I share1 takeaway with my OH thinking of damage limitation lol.

I have a nobo board on the wall beside the fridge and I write on it everything I eat and the point value and then update my spreadsheet on a daily basis which works out what points I have used for each day of the week and how many daily points and weekly points I have left. It also reminds me to take my Forever Lean before every meal. This works for me!

My only downfall at the weekend is I don't drink enough water by far. At work we have natural spring water on tap and it is so easy to drink my desired amount but at the weekend it's usually tea, diet drinks etc, which is something I need to look at.

I hope you can overcome this glitch and get back to being a happy camper!
I am the same.. .Big time... My WI is on a Friday so I say to myself "Ok ill go out on Friday and not worry about it toooo much but then come saturday im back on it" and its been working for me.

To be honest Im rubbish at the weekends for having meals (well on a saturday anyway), im more likely to snack ALLL day on WW things which is prob not the right thing to do but it works for me, and if I do fancy having a lunch I just have a soup or a salad. :)

My OH also eats and eats and doesnt put on anything so its so annoying and hes a really good cook and offers to make me stuff all the time.. Grr but I just tell him to weigh it all out for me which he wont so thats my timing to offer to cook myself. :)
My weigh in day is on a monday so i know i cant pig out at the weekends. I thought to be honest about changing my weigh in day to a friday or saturday morning but decided against it. I have now decided to save 3 points a day if i can and then have a planned treat, that way i can still look forward to the weekend.
I also think no point soup is a life saver - i have a constant supply on the go!!!!
You lot are so lovely...I'm going to try and reply individually to you all! :)

Nettie - don't worry about it, honestly. I didn't think that. My reply was probably a bit frank :)

Becky - that ww treats are something I haven't explored yet and I'm not too sure why?! I'll have to give them a go but its more takeaways for meals than snacking issues but I suppose it all adds up unfortunately :(

Tristar - you've always been lovely and helpful to me and we are similar weights :)

Old before I die - your message is really inspiring and the nono board is an interesting idea I may just have to try! What is Forever Lean?

Jibalarter - I wish my OH could cook but he even got crumpets wrong the other day and all he had to do was toast and butter them!!! Lol

Boofaloo - that's exactly what I was doing but that meant I was eating my treat the day before I weighed in and I'm convinced it was impacting on my loss. I'm now weighing in on a friday, going to have my treat on a fri or sat and probably go into the minuses points wise, and spend a few days saving points to accommodate it. I think this will work better for me...I'm giving it a go :)
Hey Olivia,

OH's are just a pain really aren't they?! Ok, well they have their uses... Diets generally not being one of them! Mine isn't too bad but I definately find it harder at weekends too. I try to save points during the week so if I'm not as strict with the counting or we go out for dinner over the weekend then I'm kind of covering myself. It seems to be working for me but I know we are all different!

Good luck...


Old before I die - your message is really inspiring and the nono board is an interesting idea I may just have to try! What is Forever Lean?
Hi Olivia

Forever Lean is a natural product that helps your body block out the fats and carbohydrates that are in the food that you eat.

I'll pm you more details.


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