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Annoyed with myself!


Alomst there :)
Why is there certain things I just can't stop myself from eating???? I've made a cake this afternoon, a regular sponge cake, for a friend. But no matter how much I try I can't stop myself from eating leftover cake mix! I made the mix slightly too big for the tin I planned to use and it was just sat there as I was about to tidy up the kitchen.... I wasn't a massive amount, maybe 2 spoonfuls, but I'm really annoyed with myself for doing it and I actually now feel a bit sick from the sugar too. I never learn though. I was only getting annoyed with myself a couple of weeks ago for the same thing!!!!

Sorry.... just needed to get it off my chest!

I guess it was probably the amount of 2 fairy cakes so I will syn it as that.... no syns for me for the rest of the day :(
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Next time as soon as the mixture is in the tin put washing up liquid in the mixing bowl so that you cannot be tempted!!

I LOVE raw cake mix and prefer the batter to the cake lol


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^^ I do this, the bowl and whisks go straight in the washing up bowl, I fill it up ready!!

as for the syns, at least you've synned it hun so well done for that :)


Alomst there :)
I should fill the ready! That's a great idea! I'll rememeber that for next week (I have 3 for next weekend, 2 the weekend after and 4 the weekend after that!!!!) I need to break the habit! It's the only thing I just can't resist! You can keep the actual cake ;)

I actually do still have 5(!) syns left for the day :) Not as bad as I thought!:wow:


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Well done for syning it!! We all have our temptations, im the same with brownie mixture!! Yummy!!

Im also the same with kettle chips! I cant even hange them for low syn crisps - its not the same!! Ive had to stay away from crisps altogther! Before SW i could easily eat the 150g bags - for a whooping 36 syns lol. 28gs is 6!


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