another 'bad day' thread.


invert keeper
Yes another one of these threads.
i know we all feel down and fed up with
the dieting, i am usually strong or stubborn more like but today i just want to get into my pj's and watch tv play ps3 and eat junk.
i keep looking at my belly going ' do you want to stay like this'.....
so i think treadmil now and take care of all my pets and give my self one massive kick in the arse.
more than anything i think its laziness, i dont want to do any thing, dont want to clean the house, walk the dog, do my exercise, pratice my piano...
i just wanta veg out.!:confused::confused::confused::confused:
thanks for letting me rant. :rolleyes:
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Hi Dee --

It seems like a lot of us on this forum are struggling today. I hope that you can find something to lift your spirits a bit. I am going to knock a few a things off of my "to do" list, and that should help me feel a bit better (a sense of accomplishment no matter how minor the deed).

Hope you feel "up" soon.



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i am really struggling at the moment too. its not so much that i am hungry, i just need to eat cos i feel stressed and low. i always try and hold out until the evening and take it hour by hour. usually the scales going down motivates me but this week even a drop in the scales means nothing to me. i am hoping i dont have a week like this again as it makes it ten times harder to do this diet

good luck for today hun.