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Another fat Newbie!

Hi Guys,

I started yesterday and due to my blowout the night before I had a rather evil hang over. Maybe a good way to start because today is so much easier than yesterday :)

I'm normally private about this sort of thing but thought bugger it this time and tell everyone, hoping it will help me stay on track!

Even started a blog diary here and i'm pleased to say a friend is doing it with me.

So, I'm 21.5 stone, hope to get to at least 15 stone.

Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hiya and welcome! its great you have a friend to do this with, I have a work friend who is on this too, although she doesn't come on here, and it is a great help when you hit the down times.
If you stick with this 100%, you will be amazed how the pounds fall off! I've just finished week 2 and have lost 14lbs in 10 days, due to have next weigh in soon. Even better than that I have lost 15" in total off my waist, hips and bust since I started!!
Everyone here is very friendly, so make yourself at home and enjoy getting slimmer :D
Good luck!
Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

I'm sure i will have loads of questions, getting all this out in the open will definately give me the strength to see it through,

Gonna try a flapjack tomorrow :)


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome!

Good luck with the flapjack today, they're not to everyone's tastes but best to try them and see if you like them. I wish I did like them cos they would be really handy for when you are out and about.

Stick to this 100% and the weight will drop off you. Keep drinking plenty of water and stay positive, this diet really does work wonders.
Brilliant to see all of you having such success with this diet, a real motivator!!

I'm finding keeping the blog is helping, I was awake till the wee hours last night and I think without that (and a wee read on here) I would have been more tempted to stray!

I'll definitely keep posting on here with my progress and good luck to us all!!!!!
Nice one jopolson, it's an awesomely effective diet and you're dead right - support is everything. I've had a pal doing it with me, but she only had about a stone to lose and did re-feed last week. This forum is fab for keeping you on track and staying 100%. All the best! :D
Hi there,

I'm a newbie too.......and am on day four of LT. Let me know what you think of the flapjack - I haven't tried one yet, but think they'd be really handy when I'm at work etc.

Everyone on here seems to be really supportive - and I guess as the boredom of the diet sets in, that's going to be really important!

Good luck!
Flapjack = 4 week old dried out moose jobbies.........

Shakes are getting nicer by the day though :) Got some chicken soup ordered for tomorrow for a wee break from vanilla and strawberry.
Oh no - I was looking forward to the flapjacks!!

I'm not that impressed with the chicken soup - it smells ok, and the first couple of mouthfuls are ok, but then it's just hard work to take it all.......

Love the chocolate shake though - very tasty!
tbh I find all the shakes hard to finish, but I've not tried the chocolate. I'll order some of them too,

Glad i was advised on here I could drink peppermint leaf tea, going down a treat today.

I've tried all sorts of combos and i'm only on day 5, favourite so far is crushed ice with 2 spoons of coffee, 2 sweeteners and the vanilla powder........just had one for my tea :)
Yum - that sounds good! I haven't tried the vanilla yet, but I should be getting some on Tuesday.....and I'm looking forward to a bit of a 'frappacino' style meal!! Thanks for the tip

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