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Another holiday with my packs


is happy being Yorkiegirl
A week tomorrow I am off to Menorca. I had wondered about going into management a bit early so that I could eat on holiday in the evenings. But after thinking about it I have decided to stay in abstinence until after my holiday so that I know exactly what I am eating instead of just guessing at the hotel in the evenings.

Can't wait to get on that beach!
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Shows great determination YG, well done. I notice you just have 10lbs to go - it's a real spur to see someone so near goal still so enthusiastic.
You enjoy your holiday and I bet you'll look fab!!!
Hey YG
I had a 9 day holiday a few weeks back and stayed on packs and in abstinence the whole time and it was great. I've never felt better on holiday! It was really weird going through it and I was amazed that I did it, but best of all was the ability to know that those things that feel like huge challenges can be overcome - it felt like a great experience to get under my belt.
Have a fab time on the beach! Your loss is amazing :D
I'm weighing up (no pun intended) when to go on to management as I'm off on holiday near the end of July. I'm not far off my original target weight now, and I should be at that point or past it within 4 weeks, so I think that would be the right time, so at least I can join my family for a meal, even though I will still be being ultra careful.

Good luck with the holiday. Well done for being so good so far!


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Have a great holiday - I bet if you stay in abstinence the whole time you will feel amazing when you get back.

V. jealous that you get to go to a nice beach.... :jelous:


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Have a great holiday you deserve it.I think the satisfaction you will feel when you put on all those new clothes will be amazing. Hope you have a great time.


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You have cetainly given me foood for thought, Yorkie Girl! I am off to Spain with the family in August, and I wont be anywhere near the end of my journey.

I have been thinking of a mini-managment whilst away, although my LLC has said we will talk about this is depth nearer the time. (She is great, very understanding and supportive.)

Your post, and the others here are making me think that maybe I will be able to continue SSing........
What a fantastic idea! Not only will you save yourself money (which, in my opinion, can only fairly be spent on treats such as Lancome Juicy Tubes at the airport ;) ), but you will be slimmer when you get back than when you left!


is happy being Yorkiegirl
Sez, I talked that idea through with my LLC too, and decided that it wasn't worth risking my hard work for the sake of eating whilst away. My dad has just been on at me about eating one meal a day whilst away and after going on and on has finally accepted that I am not going to be eating anything other than my packs. I will, however, have to have 2 bars on the days that I am travelling I think. The logistics of being able to mix my packs are too complicated. I will be packing my blender so that I can have my shakes in my room, and a bar at lunchtime on the beach.

I have been through my wardrobe this evening and tried on various smaller stuff that I had from just after DD2 was born. Some of it was too big! I also bought some trousers and a skirt in M&S today, more size 14's which felt very, very good!

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