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Another newbie here!


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I am getting to know my way around Minimins and will be starting the Exante total diet when my delivery arrives on Monday.
Can't wait to get started - I have about 7 stone to lose and I KNOW I can do it this time, but could sure do with some support along the way :)
Still negotiating this site and the etiquette so please forgive any faux pas!
Thank you all

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Thanks MsPiggy! Exante is total food replacement, a bit like Lighter Life. No food til Christmas for me!

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Hi Scoops in that case you wont need luck, just will power, i tried slimfast once, lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks, really wish i had lasted a lot longer, replacement stuff cant fail (i think).


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IreneH said:
Hi and welcome. Good luck with Exante

Irene xx
Thank you Irene!

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Thanks Niax!

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Hi Sarah,
Hows day 2 treating you?

I hope you have managed to find a soup that your like...

Good Luck!

Hi Gareth

So far so good, thanks! Day 2 has consisted of choc shake (with coffee!) and a nut & toffee bar that is LOVELY!

Timings have been odd today as I had to be at work for 8am, so I had my first shake at 7.15. So then lunch was about 11.30.....and so 'dinner' will be at 'as long as I can hold off for'!

Have tried drinking black tea & coffee but I can't (bleurch) so have settled for mint tea with a sweetener - bit sick of it today already!

I think it may be tricky making the children's tea - will tackle that hurdle later on.....

Anyway, how is it going with you? I swear my skirt is looser on day 2 (!) so have you noticed any changes?????

Sarah ?
I presumed Sarah was a predictive text scoop lol.
Hiya "sarah" Haha, just wanted to wish you luck with the plan, lots of supportive types on here from what I've seen. Brave choice of plan in my opinion, but if its works for you that's all that matters :) keep up the good work
Just had 'dinner' at 4.25pm - couldn't wait any longer! Was quite yummy - vegetable soup.

Have found the hotter you have the soups, the better! When it got to the lukewarm stage, I whizzed it in microwave for another 30 secs - improved the flavour no end!

Thanks Niccy - am determined to go for it. I can do total abstinence, just can't make reasonable choices with food - so no food is good!
Sarah x
Good on ya Sarah, Day 2 wrapped up already...

I know what your mean with the tea and coffee lol! I am sticking to water just for the sheer ease.

With the shake, I think as your taste buds adjust the shakes will begin to have more flavour as I am noticing more and more that they are tastier.

The good news is that I have noticed a dramatic change in myself today, I actually felt normal if you know what I mean. The Exante totally slipped my mind and that subconscious niggle disappeared (Please say its wasn't just me) so I could carry on with my normal day-to-day without that 5 minute timer saying "Remember you don't eat food!".

As for the physical side I think I am feeling it. I am finding that tops don't get as tight when I sit down and I feel lighter on my feet.

Have you found a favorite soup yet, and if you have which one? I think I will go for the combo next month.

Well Good luck for tomorrow and fantastic work today.

Have I got your name right lol I am confused now ha ha!
Ah thanks.... defo had a turning point this eve. Have had a lot more energy & just kept going all evening (pottering, doing jobs etc). Would normally have been slumped on settee as soon as boys in bed :)

Tried nut & toffee bar today (delish) and vegetable soup (not bad - better than tomato) and chocolate shake (yummy).

Think I am realising that soups are not my fave so will prob go for a mix of shakes & bars next time, but you live & learn.

Have also started up an Exante diary over on the diary thread so please take a look if you like!

Been awake for 18 hrs now (unheard of!) so better sign off - catchya tomorrow!

Sarah (def my name : Sarah Cooper hence scoop, 31 = house number!)
Hi Sarah,
Glad to here your energy is returning... It really makes a differance doesn't it.

I might join you with the bar and shake combo next month as it seems like the best mix (Especially if the soups aren't that good).

I'll check back later to here how your day has gone.

Gareth :)
Hi Sarah,

Noticed you havent been posting... Hope you are still on the plan and still feeling the rewards.

Gareth :)
Hi Gareth

I'm still here but have started a diary under Exante diaries (funnily enough!)
Have been having a few problems but am still 100% on it - been a rough week but I may just be over the hump now ( I hope!)

Your loss is amazing - am hoping mine is going to be that good too?

Catch ya later
Sarah x
Hi and welcome. This is such a great forum full of support and lovely people. Good luck with your journey. :)

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