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Weightloss here I come!
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My name is Vicki, im 24 and a proud mummy to a baby boy who is now 4 months old. I was skinny pretty much all my life and never really had to worry about diets. I ate wat I liked and never really paid the price until............... PREGNANCY hit lol. I obviously gained weight but it was not really aparent how much till I had the wee man. I gained over 3 stone in my pregnancy and went from a size 10 to a 14. I decided me no likey this new image:p I joined weight watchers online and im currently on week 2. Finding it ok, lost 2 lb s far. Hoping to get back to 9 1/2 stone if I can. My main goal though is to get back into my old clothes as none of them fit at the moment :cry: Think thats about it really. Hoping to get some support on here to help me through my first diet...EVER lol :rolleyes:
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Blue Butterfly

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Hey Vicki,congrats on the birth of your little boy :)
I hope your first ever diet keeps going well! oh and well done on your 2lbs weight loss so far,thats great.
Claire x


Fighting the bulge
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Hi Vicki!

This is my 2nd day here and everyone is really helpful. Im a slimming world member and have lost 2lbs my 1st week - so weldone 2 u!!

I've just become an auntie to my sisters little boy he's gorgeous - congrats on the baby. My sister has a little bit of baby weight but now she fits into all my clothes that use to be far to big for her so she's got a supply until it drops off of her!! :)

Good luck with your weight loss

Pitbull Daycare

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welcome and good luck :)