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Extra Easy Another newbie saying hi


Just thought I would say hi. On Monday I am meeting my NHS obesity counsellor and I am intending to take her up on her offer of being referred to Slimming World for three months. I am rather excited about it hence why I am here trying to figure out as much as I can before I get to attend my first class.

I have done Weight Watchers Online in the past with limited success. I managed to loose two stones but the weight loss just stalled when I hit 12 stones. Eventually I got fed up and gave in. I stayed stable for a while before having a awful battle with depression and put on a stone thanks to comfort eating and anti-depressents making me feel so terrible. Anyway I have come out the other side of the depression more or less intact but the comfort eating habit is still hanging around me my first port of call when I start feeling bad is too a chocolate bar - I am hoping being on a diet plan such as Slimming World will help with this if I can find suitable alternatives (I hear muller yogurts seem to be a good comfort food!).

I have to admit I did Slimming World many years ago very half heartedly. I don't think I figured out the difference between free and super free back then! This time I intend to do it properly - maybe the fact the NHS is paying may spur me on.

I also have PCOS which for me makes weight loss painfully slow and difficult. However two weeks ago I stopped the pill (Was on it for nearly 13 years with a brief break a few years ago!) because the doctor commented that it may be making my depression worse plus affecting my weight. So lots of changes happening at the moment and I am hoping to give it my all for the next three months. My counsellor says it is important to log all food so I intend to log a food diary on here. Have been reading a few this morning and they have been quite informative. Importantly my husband is also on board with this - he wasnt for weight watchers but from my early research on this he seems positive about it so hopefully he will loose weight as well.

So I am currently 12 stone 13 (according to my Wii fitness board) and I would love to see the 10 stone appear even it is 10 stone 13! I am currently a size 16/18. I am attending a family wedding abroad in August so I would love to be able to buy a smaller size swimming costume! My local class is on Thursdays after work which is bad for me as I am always far heavier in the evenings (I normally weigh myself first thing on a sunday morning before breakfast!) Just need to find an easy alternatives to sandwiches to eat at work now (I don't think I am allowed to eat a cereal and bread without syns on extra easy and the syns for bread are painful for something I don't like!)

Anyway back to my research I intend to have my first week already planned out for my first meeting for the group leader to check!
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Really likes to cook
Welcome Gracie.
Good luck on your journey, be it slow or fast!
You will find all the recipes that you will ever need on this forum, just use the search box.
Write a weekly menu & only buy the ingredients for these meals, that stops you buying "rubbish" food!
Keep a food diary for you and the consultant to see.