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Another Newbie thread again! And the readed plateau (yawn!)


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Hi all,

I've had enough of doing this by myself and was hoping for a bit of understanding from you people here. This seems like a lovely supportive forum and some of the achievements here are astounding and amaze me and I wonder if you guys can help me do the same. :eek:

My name is Gabi, I'm 25, and live in London just finished uni and have an expanding waist line which I am trying to keep under control. Here are my BMI stats (which I handily printed from the gym yesterday).

Height: 164 CM
Weight: 59 Kg
BMI: 21.9
Metabolic rate: 1354 kcal per day
Fat%: 25
fat mass 15.1kg
Size: 10-12

Ok, so while these stats seem perfectly normal (I'm not voerweight or nothing) and I now probably seem borderline crazy or blind or whatever. Let me explain, (boefore I get booted out of here):

a year ago I was 64 kgs and a size 12-14. I went into uni 4 years ago as a size 6-8 at 54 Kgs, this I feel is my natural body shape. I am small boned and my hips are really not very wide. The awfulness of going up that many dress sizes was awful. Like any lady I feel if she went from a size 16 to 22.

While my wieght gain has been steady over four years every time I look in the mirror I feel horrible. I just want to get back to my prime. I started endevouring this "challenge" a year ago while I was still temping, and was going to the gym for 2 hours, four times a week and lost a whopping 5 kilos. Then I moved and stopped going to they gym, got a job, and remained steady over the year (perhaps putting on and loosing wieght here and there as you do).

So that brings me to now:

I've been hitting the gym 3-4 times a week for the past month and do classes cos I am really crap at motivating myself. I do 1 step class, 1 power pump class, and 2 BTT classes (or one depending on how demanding work is and if miss the classes). I don'e eat unhealthyly. I don't really like chocolate or sweets (but am a sucker for spring rolls).

I seem to have lost 0 and hit the dreaded plateu. And I am just so depressed cos I have a miriad of clothes that I love that I just look awful in, don't do up, show bumps in all the wrong places. Further more I hate clothes shoppping and fashion at the moment seems geared for the ultra thin (which I don't particularly want to be).

I ask my boyfreind for support, he says I look great hot etc etc, but I DONT FEEL IT. And I probably won't until I can wear my wikkid short skirt, and see in the mirror what I am used to seeing.

It really is only about losing about 5 kilos of wieght or a stone. ish. So why is it so damn difficult?

I hope I can get adivce. I'm not erally dieting per se mainly cos I love food, but I don't really overeat. I usually have a couple of oaty bars for breakkie, a salad/sandwich for lunch, and eat home cooked stir fry for dinner or something similar. and normally just have a bowl that is it.

advice on breaking through the plateu would be great. What should I be doing... and am i doing anything wrong?

Thanks for listening to my rather long whinge. I hope you guys can help support me, as trying to do this by myself is really difficult.

Tahnks all

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Welcome to Minimins Gabi :D:D:D

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