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Another Newbie!

Heya everybody!

Well as you might have guessed, I'm new. I'm 22 and have been overweight for 6 years! And oh my god I only just realised how long I have been overweight for.

Anyway, I've gone through phases of losing weight, then gaining weight, then loosing some and gaining more and I figure it's about time I made some sustainable changes to the way I live.

I need to lose 60lbs but I'm not going to get hung up on the weight if I lose size as I intend to work on building muscle as well as losing fat. I want to be a UK size 10/12 but at the moment I'm a UK size 16/18 ao I've got a long way to go.

I'm going to join a weight lose group at home but I don't know if that'll suit me... I don't like talking to strangers. But I have to do something because if I keep going the way I have been, it's going to cost me my job. And I really love my job.

So I'll probably see you all around on the forums soon.

Batair. :)
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Hiya and welcome from another newbie here.. but not a newbie to dieting.

Seems like we are the same size and sort of same amount to lose.
Good luck x
Thanks. You too.

Which methods have you found that work/don't work? I'm thinking I'll probably join SW on Thursday but there seems to be mixed opinions on their plan.
Thanks. You too.

Which methods have you found that work/don't work? I'm thinking I'll probably join SW on Thursday but there seems to be mixed opinions on their plan.
Hmm i've always been a WW girl..whether ive gone to meetings or just followed it at home. But I tried Tesco Diets recently.. and although it works for my OH.. counting calories is not for me.
I was going to give SW a try.. but having never done it before i would need to go meetings and can't afford it, so I'm sticking with following WW at home as its always worked for me in the past.
My friend is on SW and has lost nearly 2 stone now on it, she loves it x
Thanks Ange, good luck to you too. I'm sure with time the forum will become easier to navigate ;)

Thanks 16to10, congrats on your weight loss so far.

Thanks for the gen Joe, I've tried counting calories but I always end up just eating junk and running out of calories so I get hungry. Or I eat healthy and see I haven't used up the days calories so eat chocolate/sweets etc... not really sustainable when I reach my target weight.
hello batair, welcome to this forum and well done for taking the step to starting your weight-loss journey!

Which slimming diet have you decided to start in the end? I'm with WW and I love every day of it! Lost 70 lbs up to now... and we both have similar starting weights, heights and goals.

Good luck for your journey!:gen126:
Heya Kagome.

I'm not sure yet. I've started a food diary this week to try and make me more aware of what I'm eating. The next SW meeting in my area is Thursday, so I'm going to go to that and see what I think. I've tried some of the WW ready meals but I'm not a huge fan (too much of a fussy eater!) so I'm going to see how I get on with the Slimming world syns and free foods. I think I'll need that accountability of getting weighed at the meetings. I'll need to find something that I can maintain when I go away with work and have to eat what work provides.

Congrats on your weight loss success, definately an inspiration.
Batair, it will be your choice, but remember that with WW you don't HAVE to eat their stuff. They provide it and make it easy for you to count the points because they've got the points on the bags, but with WW you can eat ANYTHING. You can cook your own food and add it to the online recipe builder and see how many points it is a portion (or just calculate it yourself!). Besides, there's a great eating out guide sold at meetings where you can find all the foods from many different restaurants, including places like McDonald's and Pizza hut (although that stuff costs a lot of points, so you're not encouraged to go there! LOL), and now many shops like Tesco's, Sainsbury's and M&S put WW points on their light stuff, so you know how many points anything is.

Is there no WW meeting near where you live?
Yes there's a weight watchers nearby. Maybe I should check out both? See which one I prefer. I dunno. :)
Yes there's a weight watchers nearby. Maybe I should check out both? See which one I prefer. I dunno. :)
yes please do. If you check out both and then you think SW is better then go to that one, otherwise go to WW if you think WW is better ;)

I would advise you to go to the WW meeting after the 7th of November though, because things are changing dramatically then!
Changing how?
we still don't have all details, but the points will be completely different. people will have a completely different way of allocating their allowance for the day and then they will also have some extra points for the week. All fruit will be 0 points and so most vegetables. The new points are calculated by taking into account carbs, proteins, fat and fibre rather than calories and sat fat. So it's going to be MUCH more balanced and much more fun with all fruit at 0 points! At least for me who loves fruit :heartpump:. I'm so much looking forward to the change :)
Hi everyone,

I am also a newbie and have followed ww in the past but was planning on starting sw tomorrow. I'm not sure now with the changes at ww! I did lose 3 stone on ww after having my second child but put it all back on whilst pregnant with my youngest. I was planning on doing sw as it seems a much healthier way of dieting where as with ww you can really eat anything as long as you count the points and I would often starve myself all day so I could have a high point take away, wouldn't be able to do this on sw.
Anyway, enough of my rambling! I would be grateful for any tips from experienced sw dieters!

Thanks for the gen Kagome. That definately sounds like a good change. :)

Heya Gonnabethin! Good luck with SW tomorrow! :)

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Hey Batair, love your enthusiasm straight away hun, you seem like you're really on the right tracks here! You seem very similar to me in your starting weight and loss hopes - I am 25 though - I don't like talking to strangers either so I understand where you're coming from there!

Anyway you keep that amazing enthusiasm up and keep going strong - we're all here to encourage and support you, so get stuck in and post! Hopefully chat to you soon ;) X
Heya Miss Mango! Thanks for the encouragement and congrats on your success so far. :)

With the enthusiasm... I have an obsessive personality so when I get interested in something I become obsessed with it. I'm hoping to make learning about healthy eating and losing weight my new obsession. :D

Luckily I don't mind chatting to strangers on line, well in forums anyway. Lol. You'll deffo see more of me on here. :)

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