another newbie


hi everyone, like many I've decided that it is time to loose the extra weight. currently weigh about 2 and a half stone more than I want to, but to be perfectly honest I have got a clue where to start, I'm limited to how much exercise I can do due to very bad knees and a recent injury from an accident do I know I'm going to have to be very controlled with watching the calories. if anyone can point me in the right direction to help me along the may then it would be fantastic, thanks x
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Hi and welcome. Do you want or need to go to a class such as slimming world or weight watchers.

Have you been given any advice about exercise?

Irene xx


hi, sorry I haven't got back to u until now, don't really have much opportunity to go to slimming club due to work commitments and daughters bedtimes, and have spent 10 years going back to Dr and physio to no avail, I really am limited for movement I'm afraid x