another newbie!


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Hi folks,
just wanted to introduce myself; I'm 30 and i'm half way through a pharmacy degree (STRESSFUL!) and have found myself piling on the pounds as a result of sitting around in lectures all day and studying all evening, while eating enormous sandwiches for two meals a day!
desperately want to get a bit trimmer before christmas, so i've started the Scarsdale diet today, with an aim to losing 14lbs in two weeks.
It worked once before, but it's very tough to stay on - hoping to get a bit of moral support and vent a bit about being hungry and having to eat fruit and raw carrots!

:sigh: Eromatic x
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Hiya Eromatic :wavey:
Welcome to mini's, you have definately come to the right place to get help & support - this website is brilliant :)
Good luck on the Scarsdale diet, i have never heard of that one before.
Xxx Lizzie xxX


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S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 29 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks you guys :)
Scarsdale is a strict 14 day diet with set menu.very popular in the seventies! very low fat, high protein, medium carbs.......grapefruit every day for breakfast .....yeuch!


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Hiya and welcome, I have never heard of this diet before, is there a website so I get find out more information. Anyways I hope ya do well looking forward to hearing your results, good luck


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Hi and :welcome: to Minimins. Good luck on your weight loss journey :) xxx

lil miss mummy

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good luck :) x

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Gosh, the scarsdale there's a blast from the past!!!

I remember my mum and dad doing that diet about 1980 - it worked though and is very effective in 2 weeks.

Good luck with it

LRO xx


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Good luck - I am following the low GI diet but used the Scarsdale food plan as a guide....lost a stone in 3 weeks!!!

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Hi this is a great forum....good luck on your chosen diet.


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Good luck with your diet. Hope it stays on:p


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Welcome to minimins - you have come to the right place. This forum is fab.
Good luck.



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Welcome to Minimins :)