Hello! Newbie here!


Hello all,
I am new to website but I was using it to complete a slimming world food shop, so I thought as it was so helpful. The advice, support and encouragement was amazing so giving I thought to join as well for guidance when I want to grab block of cheese, with hot bread with melting butter!!!

So a bit about me. I have given myself a challenge "2 stone in 3 months". I have done slimming world before so I know it works. I previously lost 3 stone, I have gained a stone back so need this to go plus an extra stone on top. I have many targets through out of 2020 but this is my first target. Friends 40th big event I've known her 20 years so a lot of people from collage (back In 1999) will be going, so its a bit of a reunion as well so not only do I want to look good but I want to feel confident, not let my anxiety tell me I should not wear that little black dress as I'm too fat.

Anyway, say hi! and I'm welcome to any tips, recipes and fun exercise ideas.:)
Hello! All the very best with it :)
Hi! Welcome. We're a helpful friendly bunch in here. From what I've seen anyway.

Tip: If you havent had you Healthy B choice and need that hit of chocolate. Fibre one popcorn bars are friggin delicious and can be your HEB choice. Or 3.5syns