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Another one wanting to join the century club

Hello - I think I might need to be on these boards as well. I have about 112 lbs to lose and am doing slimming world by myself (well, with the help of minimins) as like many others, have to make the pennies stretch as far as possible.

Anywho - will be starting properly on Tuesday (pay day) and going from there.
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Hi Morgawr, and welcome. I'll certainly follow your thread. good luck


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Slight edit to the above - will be re-starting class on Wednesday morning (hopefully) - I know a lot of people do SW with only the forums help - but I think I will be in a permanent stress doing that.
Good luck for Wednesday then. I like the cat :)


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Thanks Jim - slight change of plan - apparently I stilll have some countdown weeks left from my last attempt - so will be starting again tonight as no need to wait for payday.

That cat pic is what I call Angry Sam - I had a new camera and kept taking his pic and he got a bit fed up of it - hence the glare, he is normally quite sweet and loving.
Thanks Jim.

Had a bit of an all over the place week this last week but managed to stay the same - back on track this week though so should have a loss next week :)
Hi love, we all have off weeks, main thing is to realise it and not give in as you say.
Right - well confession time - haven't been able to get back on track with the formal diet group so am going to go it alone.

Won't be able to afford a club in a couple of weeks anyway - so was talking to a friend earlier today who has done fantastically well doing her own thing, so will see how I go - will be eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg though.

Won't have a formal weigh in day either - just a sort of ad hoc thing (more than a week apart, perhaps a month apart?)
Sounds good to me, really providing you are losing weight then a month apart sounds good. I couldn't do it though, I was a scaleaholic :)
Only just seen your reply tonight. I know what you mean, in the past I have hopped on the scale morning and evening, on the pretext of trying to figure out how my weight loss worked - load of rubbish of course, just wanted to see what was happening - nearly drove me nuts (not difficult to do trust me). That's why I have to be really strict with myself now about weighing, and restricting how often I jump on those scales.
LOL yes Liz, I was the same, I could never figure out why my weight varied so much during the day, in the end i realised that if I weighed in exactly the same place and time once a week, that was enough.

Morning! :)

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