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another query!! online or meeing??


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Hi Sarah

I go to a meeting.

Mainly because if I did it online then it's all too easy to give up when you have a bad day! In the past I've always found that one bad day leads to another and another!! I always try harder when I go to a meeting.

I go to my meeting with a friend who's already a target member, which gives me more of a push to do well! I also work with her so I have to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow at work!!

Annette x
Hi Sarah,

I go to group to be weighed, as my scales at home are really unpredictable and I know SW's are correct. However, I don't often stay for the actual meeting as I prefer talking to people on here, and I'm normally really tired and hungry. (class at 7.30pm).

It depends what kind of person you are I guess, but at least you know the scales are correct if you go to class.

Good luck in whatever you choose.

Lou x


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scales not prob as hubby cambridge counsellor!!! Willpower problem!!!!


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If will power is the problem then definately go to the meetings. Knowing you are going once a week gives you that extra push to be good.


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I go to the meeting - but like Louise I don't stay. I think if I get to the point where Im putting on or staying the same then I might stay x
If i were you sweety i would go to the meetings, because you can get alot of advice from there not only from your SWC but also other members of the class. You can get your SW magazine cheaper there, hifi bars and loads more.

Hope this thread will help you make your decision on what to do.
Ruthy xxxx
hi sarah,
i've only just started SW world up again but have never gone to meeting or gone online. the first time i did it my mum was going to class to i would just get advice from her. i'm working full time and studying part time so time is an issue for me and so is money... i'm going to try and follow the book and come on here for support. we'll see how it goes. everyone is different i guess and if you like face to face conversations/support i would go to a meeting. that goes a bit against what everyone else has said so hope i haven;'t confused you! although to echo - you must find the right way for you...

kat x

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