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Another question about constipation!


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Need some advice guys, please.

I need to buy something as I'm v. constipated and surely that's not good!! :argh: (See that face - I make that face ALL the time!! lol.)

What is the best product to buy: Fibre 89 from CD or Psyllium Husks from the Health Food shop? Has anyone tried them both? And is one better than the other?! Any advice would be great!

My WI isn't until Thursday and I'm not sure whether I can hold on that long!!

Cheers, and sorry about the subject!

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Things like Fibre 89 or Psyllium Husks are bulking products so would only add to the problem at the moment they are preventatives rather than cures, I personally use gylcoren supposetries it things get a bit bad.

Hope your not in to much discomfort


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I have same problem and last night my CDC gave me one tiny square of ex lax chocolate. Yes, chocolate. She said it wouldn't do me any harm and it hasn't and it has resolved the problem!


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the fibre thing and the husks are good WHEN you;ve had a clear out!
Go to boots and get some tablets, take a couple, sort it out and THEN start the fibre products else you can be doing yourself more damage than good hun
Hope that helps


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But what exactly do I buy? I don't want to use something that might kick me out of ketosis!! I'd be devastated!



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and constipation tablet shouldnt know you out of ketosis....
i started with senna based tablet but they did bugger all for me, so ended up with dulcolax or something like that and although they are pretty strong, they certainly work wonders....then you can start on the other stuff after hun
Does that help?


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Thanks Liz
I just text my CDC and she said that i would be running to the loo with Fibre 89 or Psyllium husks... but that doesn't seem to be what everyone else is saying. And then she said that I should just go and buy any old laxative!!

I think i'll go and buy some Ducolax after work!!

Thanks for your advice everyone!!



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i use laxitives quite often if i'm not going naturally after a week or so....didnt know the fibre stuff made you react like that as no one would use it otherwise......maybe its just down to each individual on how they react to it...
Good luck with the Ducolax....take one your first time and see how you get on as they are pretty strong!
Beware the Dulcolax as vvv powerful - does the job but don't venture too far from the loo usually took 8 hours for it to work with me but suppose everyone will be different. I know use the natural senna tabs as they seem to work now as they didn't in the beginning. Good luck!


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I agree with Ruth.. Dulcolax are were wwwaayyyy too strong for me.. think they're only sensible if other things haven't already helped...

My experience:

-never had constipation in my life before CD..

- Fibre89 did 'bulk things out more', so to speak - which is great if the only problem is that there's not much going through or it's a bit dry..

-Psyllium Husks are a natural alternative to the fibre.. I love to add to food if I'm not contipated, and it does stop me from becoming constipated..

..but with both of these.. don't eat tham if there's already a blockage - OMG I don't want to ever experience That mistake again!! .. just giving yourself more bulk to come out, without anyway of it getting out!!

..ordinarily though.. they're both great ways to have a healthy regular system!

In the meantime:

-for me, senakot was more than enough.. two before bed with water, and by the morning, going to the loo was actually enjoyable (?! Haha!)

-I also tried a supository once.. I think they work by irritating the system into forcing things through.. so it did work wonders, but it was still a painful experience for me!

- Dulcolax I tried once too.. never again.. thought it was going to be the same strength as the senakot, but it was a bit full-on.. ended up having to go out wearing pads just in case!!!

if you're considering it, and you've not got a history of taking these things, then personally I'd start at something like Senakot..

no laxatives are particularly healthy and none of them should be taken long term.. the fibre and psyllium husks aren't laxatives.. they're bulking agents, and they're fine.. in fact, I'm loving having psyllium husks in my soups and shakes these days.. makes it more of a meal...

Aww.. All the very best.. and hope that you find something that works for you..

Boy, I have had recent problems, I don't want to go into too much information, but its been really painful with poo refusing to come out and getting lodge:cry:

Not sure in laxative will work, i worried it will be like a dam.

I think thats enough on that subject:wave_cry:


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:hug99: Aaawwww... poor us and our sore, sore bottoms!! :sick0019:

I know what you mean.. I had a week of troubles a couple of weeks ago and thought it was never going to get better.. like a bizare combo of water and big dry sticks trying to come out sideways!!!!

just be reassured that, certainly in my case, and in other people's stories, it does recover, and there are things you can do to make it all alright again :)


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a very informative post. I was worried about not going but I did eventually manage yesterday for the first time since starting CD. thanks for all the advice everyone has posted so I know just in case for future reference.

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