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Another question


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Good morning all,

I know that I read a thread somewhere before about this but I cant find it right now, I had an incident last night I woke up with a pain and get very sick - that i can deal with, but then I completely lost my sight like FULLY black and got this fuzzing in ears for ages I just lay down on the bathroom floor and after about 2 minutes i started seeing light again and it slowly came back to me. I think I passed out on the floor for a while - luckily under a heater be cause I was sweating but shivering. Fortunately I'm not the panicking type cause i was home alone with no phone. But this morning when I woke up I was quite concerned...any one know anything about these things?

Love you all
A very Tired Siobhi x...
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I dont know about the pain and the sick but the ringing in your ears and blacking out that sounds to me like a feinting attack...

I had a spate of feinting attacks a few years ago, and i recognise that rining as a first symptom

it was to do with low blood pressure for me but they can be lots of reasons..

if your getting pains and stuff id go see the docs hun...

I dont know the reason.. but it sounds like a feint attack...

sorry i cant be more of a help...



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Thanks for the response Nikki I really just needed to talk about it I've gotten shyer about talking about things lately I dont really know why. Just nice to be heard x might go back to my doctor just afraid they'll make me stop TFR
hey, thats sounds awful! If I were you I would def go to get checked out before anything else happens hopefully it wont, but just in case! It maybe low blood pressure has caused a faint so up the water if you're not drinking enough as that will help. Still think a trip to GP would be well worthwhile just to get checked out...your health has to come first xx


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hello siobhi, unfortunately i cant be of much help about this, but it does sound like you really should go to the docs hun. i know you say you dont want to incase he takes you off the diet, this diet obviously means so much to you that is clear, but your health is far more important, and if this happens again next time it could be worse, please go and have a visit just to be safe, big hugs and hope your feeling ok x


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I was planning on doing lots of exercise at the weekend but I just wasn't up to it so I can't blame that, it must just have been an unlucky bug or a bad reaction to the dulcolax I had to take.

Thanks darlings I dunno what I'd do without you lot. I'll make an appointment for soon as possible just to be sure.


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Ahhhh so I have a flu thats why I fainted - rowing race tonight though so Im just goina have to tough it out till tomorow. Thanks for all the lovely messages xx CANT WAIT FOR WEIGH IN TOMOROW


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Sounds like Migraine to me - my son lost his sight in the middle of asda once having felt a migraine coming on and just trying to get a couple of things sorted before getting home to sort himself out. He now carries emergency Migraleve on his key ring as it was soooo scary!

Hope you're okay x


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thanks Jan feeling much better now xx

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