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Another Statistic


Starting Again!
I am now offically a statistic, I have swine flu;

And to make matters worse I think I might have a chest infection on top so going to get the doctor to ring me tomorrow and get some anti-biotics.

I had a chocolate muffin earlier and I don't care! Not been eating much so it all balances out :)
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Vegetarian who lives2eat
Oh God luv ya, you look so sorry for yourself, bet you feel rotten, hope the dr gives you something to make you feel better.


Slow but sure....
Oh, squiddie love you do look poorly, you take care now, plenty of sleep, and fluids for you, and keep warm too, get well soon, love to you. X

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
You caught swine flu? Oh my lord, some people will do anything to lose weight! :D

Take care and drink TEA, because that cures everything.


Starting Again!
Thanks everyone, I took that photo to send to my sister and it cracked me up, so thought I'd post it. I must say it's killed off my appeitite so thats all good :)

Tea, Savlon and 2 Paracetamol are the answers to all the worlds problems!


Silver Member
Squiddie - Hope you are feeling better soon, I must admit though that I kind of would liek toget the swine flu just to get it over & done with, I am worried about how bad it is meant to get in the Autumn.

As for food - I say eat what makes you feel better, the weight loss can take a break for a week, you getting better is more important this week.
big *hugs* to you squiddie. A few days and you will be fine.... get some soup heated up....

Lisa xx
LOL!!!! Poor Natt! I love your glum photie...

:vibes: *sends get well soon vibes*

Mrs V

Loves Life!
AwwwwAWwwww you poor thing!!! Plenty of rest young lady!!!! I hope you get better soon.

:hug99:poor you hope you get better soon.
Chocolate muffins solves all problems. The NHS should give them out instead of tamiflu!
Well done on the loss Natt. Sorry you aren't well. have to say even though you look poorly in your pic you have lovely colour eyes, and you can see you've lost lots of weight, your face is looking different :)
Get better soon sweetie and take it easy Rosie xx


Gold Member
You look rotten chick, proper poorly. Hope you feel much much better soon, are you confined to barracks for a week now? That's rotten in itself.

Get well soon, tea, chocolate muffins and sleep for you lady!
Get well soon Squiddie! At least you'll have got it over and done with, and if the weather in Gloucester is anything like here, bed is the best place!

But I echo Chuffy 29's comments. You look SO different in that pic,
a completely different PERSON in fact. Well done on the weight loss and getting your Club 10 award.

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