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another wee question lol ...


Clean green leafy machine
They can but most play havoc with peoples' systems because of the artificial sweeteners they use, like sucralose and malitol - any more than two of the sugar free boiled sweets and I am up all night - and not in a good way! :)


This is for life
And if tummy probs weren't enough - they stall some people. Strongly recommend you avoid fake treats as much as possible. Use in emergency only!
Agree with all the statements above!
I am really sensitive to polyols so any of those make me stall! But the Rhubarb and custard certainly hit the spot if i must have something sweet! Even then its only 1 sweet :)



Low Carber
Maltitol (Atkins products, Thornstons sugar diabetic etc) has a GI of 36! I'd avoid it like the plague.

If I could be eating coconut Atkins Endulge bars for 1.1g of 'impact carbs' and Thorntons chocolate and fudge etc this would be the easiest diet ever.

After seeing that dreamfields link Jim posted, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

I only use Atkins RTD shakes (no polyols), Heinz one carb ketchup (sucralose) and Joseph's pitta breads (4g carbs) outside of the meat, eggs, cheese, fats, nuts, seeds, low carb veg and berries.

My mum was having an Atkins daybreak bar for breakfast each day and lost nothing in week 2. They are the devil!


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A GI of 36? I dont know what that is, but it sounds bad!


Slowly but surely x
a great choc fix is 1 square of 90% choc (melted), spoon into 3 tbs of whipped cream. its my twice a week treat and works for me x
Hmmm i'm thinking i might stay away from sweet things for a while....have tried mixing a little cocoa powder with cream, atkins bars, a few sugar free sweets....over the last week (and it's only my 1st week....still having big cravings!) and my loses have stalled :( xx


Clean green leafy machine
Cream and cheese stalls me - try cutting them put for a week and see how you go.


On a mission for boobs!
I quite like an oopsie roll, spread with a generous dollop of chocolate creme fresh (which I make by mixing the creme fresh with a spoonful of splenda and half a teaspoon of coca powder).

Its that good it takes me a while to eat it becuase its a bit sickly! lol! Not sure if creme fresh is induction friendly tho, would have to check. But whipped cream would be just as tasty! :)

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