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Antacids slow down your digestion so it seems they would be off limits but hopefully someone with more knowledge on this will be along soon. why do you need them?
I used to be on medication to reduce amount of acid produced, but was taken off them when I was pregnant. Haven't bothered to go back on them since so just need antacids to stop me getting heartburn. The problem is incresed due to being overweight so I may just have to grit my teeth and bear it. Losing the weight is much more important!
So does that mean you get heartburn with evrything you eat/ even CD? are you ss or ss+?
Im SS. Its not really related to what I eat. Its worse if I have lots of liquid, e.g. a cup of tea before bed makes it worse. As you can imagine, Im more than likely gonna get it on CD but hopefully it will be bearable.
Well hun, I occasionally take ducolax which has glucose and it doesnt knock me out of ketosis. i think if you really need it, take it for comfort, but only if you need too. Good luck


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My need for antacids has completely disappeared on CD SS so you may find you don't need them as much or at all? I think someone mentioned in a post that Gaviscon is ok. Check with your CDC. Best wishes
I used Gaviscon almost daily for months when on CD, never knocked me out of ketosis and didn't affect the weight loss either. xx

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