Antidepressants made me gain weight

moonlight bb

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I’m sure it’s been discussed many times, but I’ve experienced the same thing. I started sertraline in 2019 and I was at 9 stone, even prior to then I struggled with eating and had huge confidence issues when it came to my body.

i recently decided to stop my medication because of how much I hated the side effects, my moods have been awful since stopping but I just couldn’t couldn’t keep taking them because I started having panic attacks. I’m now at 11.7 stone and I feel the worst than I ever have in my whole life. I keep trying to control my eating but I keep going back to binging. None of my old clothes fit me anymore and I’m reluctant to keep buying new nice clothes because I feel ugly in just about anything. Now I just resort to oversized and baggy things, I used to take pride in my style and how I dressed but that’s just no longer. I’ve developed awful stretch marks and always feel tired physically and mentally. I’m determined to keep trying, I don’t want to be this miserable forever, but I’m just exhausted and hopeless at this point.

I look back at younger me and just wish I could be her again, I was nowhere near as fat as I thought I was. I just want to get back to that place again, mentally too. I was still struggling mentally back then but now I just feel rock bottom.

i joined this forum for support as i find it hard to find in real life. It’s either nobody understands or I’m just too nervous to ask for help. Thank you
Welcome to minimins, @moonlight bb. Maybe stop controlling your eating if that;s setting you off. Try a different approach - for example higher protein, low carb and having your first meal only when you are hungry. Check out the website - lots of free advice there. Try it and join later if you want more info.