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Anxiety and SSing


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I suffer from anxiety in general, but i often end up eating when SSing because i'm anxious that i'm going to have a heart attack.

I know its just my anxiety, but sometimes i feel an anxiety attack coming on and so i end up eating something when i SS, although its only ever a little cucumber or a bit of chicken .

I just find it so annoying :(.

Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

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Unfortunatley, my anxiety has got the better of me tonight and i have ate. It was my first attempt at a proper restart today and around 12:30amish (the end of the day) i ended up eating. There was no cucumber in the house so i ate a few pieces of chicken and lamb but then for some reason i ended up having a small plate of brown rice.

I ate because i was getting pains in my arm and chest and started to feel anxious. I then had a paracetemol because i was getting a bad throat from drinking all the water today (i always get this on CD :() but then i got paraniod that i should eat something solid with it.

I have not been hungry at all today or even felt like eating but i think because i was stressed alot last month my anxiety is still abit high.

I am seriously beginning to think that i should give up on CD. I just keep failing and my anxiety ruins everything, but i am so desperate to lose weight.

I will try again tomorrow and see how i get on. If i keep failing i may try the 810 - 1200 steps.

I know nobody has replied to this thread (thats probably because everyone is asleep, lol) but i just wanted to write this post as a reminder to myself if i get anxious again.

Nyt xx

I have done CD before for 3 months so no expert but know a bit about it. I would say SS is def not for you. Dont put yourself through this. I would either go up a plan or try another diet altogether if that does not work.

I find SS very hard to. If I know I have a little meal coming at the end of the day it really helps.

Hope you get on ok



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i have a history of anxiety attacks, when i had my second daughter 9 years ago i had one the day after she was born and it took me years to be able to control them, i have noticed that since ive been SSing i feel more anxious, im not sure why this is but its not nice, i can control mine to a certain extent, but i agree with topchick, maybe you might be better trying another plan, or doing CD but on a higher level.


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Have you had any treatment for the anxiety? I know that I'm only able to lose weight now I've sorted my head out with counselling etc.


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hiya, can't comment on anxiety i'm afraid but it sounds that 810 or 1000 maybe a much better plan for you. Hope you feel better soon xx


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for the 1st time since iv been on this diet i had a anxiety attack i felt like my head was going to explode, which made me panic as i was at home with the kids hubby was out. my heart beat went really high and i felt light headed. even now since i woke up my hearbeat feels high. i was told by the dr yestrday my BP was normal but heartbeat high. hope i dnt have another panic attack again.


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Hi all, thank you for your replies. I have suffered from anxiety for years and i have had counselling, CBT etc to control it but i think its high at the mo because i was very stressed last month and havnt ad the chance to go for my long walks becaue of the weather.

I am trying SS again today and will see how i get on for the next 2 days before i go see my CDC and then decide what step to continue on.

I have done CD SS in the past and had no problems with it but that was in the summer so i was out and about alot do so didnt notice.

But thank you for your replies, i really appreciate the support.

I hope you're all having a good day on the diet :) xx


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Hey honey. I really think you should consider 810 or 1000 - that way, you can legally have food which may help you handle anxiety without feeling like you are failing on the plan. Wish I had seen this last night - I would have offered some :hug99:


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Hey honey. I really think you should consider 810 or 1000 - that way, you can legally have food which may help you handle anxiety without feeling like you are failing on the plan. Wish I had seen this last night - I would have offered some :hug99:
Yep I agree it might be worth you considering 810 or 1000. But even if you stay with SS and eat please don't see that as failing, it is what you need to do for you. Sending huggles xxx


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Hi Honey,

I have the same problem as you. I get panic attacks quite badly and i always find that both they and depression is hightened when on SS.

SS+ ing for a few weeks might sort it out. After a few little losses and your body getting used to everything i started to get a bit better after a few weeks.



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Aww, thank you for your replies. Its nice to see some familiar faces about, lol.

I've been trying to restart CD for ages now and i am just really annoyed that now i feel so ready for it (i wake up everyday with so much determination) that my anxiety is takin over. I have been considering doing the 1000/1200 plan for awhile though, i just feel it'll fit into my lifestyle better at the mo, not too mention i get a very sore throat when drinking the water on SS. I have to warm it up in a saucepan and drink it that way, its horrible, bleh.

I have been a little worried about depression tazzi because i do get it from time to time and i dont want SSing to bring it about, espeically during these winter days.

So far today i have stuck to SS and i'm not tempted to eat or feeling hungry. I'm seeing my CDC on tuesday so i thought i would SS until then (only 2 days) and speak to her about it and maybe doing 810 or 1000.

I dont know why i saw last night as failing, i guess it was because i had got through the whole day on SS and then slipped up. I'm also really fed up of my weight, lol.

But thank you so much again for your replies. Dont worry about not replying last night DQ, it was so late and i knew everyone would be in bed, lol. But its good to hear from you and G (i hope maintaining is going well, you look gorjus in your sig).

I will try post in here later to let you know how i'm gettin on.

I hope you've all had a good day :) xx


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Hey sweetie, take it one day at a time and do what you need to do. Most important is to look after yourself - do keep us posted on how you are xxx


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I've suffered with anxiety for years. Some days I don't get it at all, others it is really bad & it even hurts when I breathe in.

I did SS for a week, but found it made the anxiety worse, so i switched to SS+. This helped loads & the anxiety returned to normal. Well normal to me.... Good luck hun. x


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I'm glad you're coping better now with SS+. Anxiety just seems to make everything worse and mine is all to due with my chest pains.

I am considering doing SS+ too so will have a chat with CDC on tuesday.

Thank you for your reply :) xx