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Anxiety issues...anyone else?


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I posted on here last week breifly about work issues i had.

Well it gets no better im afraid. As per i've ummed and ahhhed about posting on here but its always better to write it down even if it makes no sense.

See im off on the wrong track already?!

anyway i just wondered if anyone else had anxiety problems? this is the first time its happened to me majorly but i have been off work with it before. I havent got the option this time, my anxiety wont go away if i go off work because when i go back the problems are still there.

Im not really bad with it, or i dont think. But when obviously work and the situation is on my mind all the time and my heartbeat hasnt been regular for about a week now. Keep having flutters and they last a while...:cry: Tonight i got a bit dizzy with it :rolleyes: But i cant stop working myself up!!!
I've never had any issues before so im struggling. I cant seem to keep calm and panic about the slightest thing now.

Damn you work!!!!

Thanks for reading my ramblings....
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Hi your not alone. I hade anxiety attacks when i was pregnant and so couldnt be put on any medication. At that time i was going through a very stressful time with my husband, family and my weight issues. Luckily these issues resolved and so did my anxiety attacks even though i do have some one off ones when i deeply distressed. The best thing to do would be to go to your gp who should prescribe you something x In the meanwhile if you want someone to talk to i'm always around so just pm me xx


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Hi honey:grouphugg:

As other posts here show you're not alone in how you're feeling.

If you've not already been, go talk to your doctor. It was the best thing I ever did. They gave me someone to talk to help me deal with things, and sleeping tablets to help break the downward cycle I was getting into, as the less I slept the worse I got and the worse I got the less I slept. Over the months of talking to them, they noticed there was a pattern to my worse bouts and realised that my hormones were part of the problem, which they have now treated.

There's nothing wrong with admitting you need help, it's no different to admitting you need help loosing weight.

If you want to talk pm me.


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Thanks guys,

I have spoken to my doctor breifly when i went last week. She says its work related, which i guessed :giggle: and that she things it will all start calming down once i've sorted it and to speak to work first before trying anything medicine wise.

Im just having a really rough ride at work and its getting too much.

Im speaking to work soon and if it doesnt get better once i have spoken to them i shall pop off to my lovely doctor. I just wondered if there was anything non medicinal that helps?


Wishing and hoping!
I hope you can get your work issues relsoved :)
I have found this organisation No Panic helpful in the past to talk to someone that would just simply listen to me when I have felt anxious. They are an organisation specialising in anxiety and they are a helpline that is open every single day from 10am to 10pm 0808 808 0545

I have found in the past valerian tablets helpful in taking the edge of mild anxiety but not severe anxiety. You can buy them in Holland and Barrett.
What about Kalm tablets. They are a natural plant remedy and are used to 'relieve periods of worry, irritability, stresses and strains' My OH is frightened to death of flying but swears these keep him calm. Worth a try anyway and you can buy them in supermarkets :)


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I second Rescue Remedy for taking the edge off.

Hope the following makes sense. I have used meditation, which you can use to take your head away from a situation for a short time, calms everything down internally, which can help you get a better grip on whatever is causing the anxiety. At work I've also gone for a quick walk to get some fresh air and then come back and look at what needs to be done, how important it is and write myself a list of what needs to be done, including the processes of how to complete a task as I tend to get so wound up I forget how to do the simplist of tasks. Telling work the problems I was having and learning to say no have also helped alot.

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