Any Advice on Arkward Parents?


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Hiya Guys

I was windering if anyone could give me any tips or advice on dealing with my Dad...

Spoke to my Dad this morning and he told me well done for the stone I had lost and then asked me how much weight I want to lose. I told him another four stone.

And then he said oh no you don't need to lose that only a couple of stone. I tried to point out that the four stone loss will take me to a healthy weight - but he wasn't having any of it :mad::mad::mad::mad:

To try and stop our arguement progressing I said that when I went to see him next weekend I would tell him how much I weigh and show him on the BMI where that places me and what a healthy weight is...

I don't want to argue with my dad about this - I know that from a health point of view I'm right!

Has anyone else had this problem with family?

Advice or stories would be much appreciated...

Thanks Wemitt's

Love and Hugs, CC xxxx xxxx xxxx
Hi Curvy

As I like an easy life what I would do is say OK I'll plan to lose 2 more stone and then I'll see how I look and feel.

Don't know whether your dad would be happy with that but that seems to work with my mum.
People do this. Family, friends, the rest of the world.

Thing is, often they want what they see is best for you, but they are looking from a different place.

If it was me, I'd keep quiet about it. You've still got a couple of stone with his blessing, then just keep going, but behind the scenes. If he questions, you can always say "I'll stop when I'm healthy".

I'd really try to take the focus off. I've generally found when people get stuck in the mode, it's rarely worth the effort trying to get them to see our point of view.

Shame not to have the support there, but you never know. Cross that bridge when you get to it. :)
Hiya, I agree with Karion, I wont see my family until Christmas and by the that stage I would hope (pls pls pls!!) to lave lost 3 stone..that will be the lightest I have prob been since I had my daughter (who is 6), and they will probably think thats enough. But there will still be another 3 or 4 stone to go after that!! I will tell them I am just going to see how I feel... I suppose I'm lucky that I wont have to deal with them again until February after that!
im getting the `but youv`e lost enough now` chant as well, all i do is thank them for their concern and tell them i will stop when i get a weight that has been classed as healthy by my doctor,
From my own life long experience...there is no pleasing everyone, so you have to please yourself.

Your an adult now and have the right to make decisions for yourself what ever they may be for at the end of the day it is yourself who has to live with the results.

If you yourself don't make too big of an issue of it then I would just thank your Dad for his love and concern and say that you will think about what he has said.

As you lose the weight you probably will review your goal weight.

I know myself as time goes on I have..10 stone off:) was my magic number and where I am now :rolleyes: 8 or 9 looks good.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for all the advice guys - much appreciated.

I like the idea of going along with him and secretly still dieting - as my Dad lives in Malta - its not like he'll notice! He's a very stubborn man - I've had to force my way about a few things in life without his approval!

Fingers crossed I'll have lost another stone by the time I see him at Xmas and then I'll just keep quiet about it.

Hopefully when I get to my target and I next see him in 2007 he'll lay off!

You are right Mini - there is no point in pleasing anyone but me when it comes to my weight - I'm not having aspirations here to become Kate Moss - I just want to be healthy and thats most important to me and my life!

Thanks everybody!

Luv CC xxx xxx xxx
Well after worrying about my Dad's reaction to how much weight I want to lose overall...

I was greeted at the airport with wow you look good and well done on losing a stone. In the car trip to my parents place in Malta - I told my parents all about the GI Diet and I then produced my book to show them. My dad opened the book as if by magic on the BMI chart page and asked me how tall I was and was stunned when I told him how much I weigh.

"So you want to be nine stone?" Hmmm. My dad closed the book and said "keep it up".

I so overracted...:eek: :eek: :eek:
Hi Curvy

You obviously were looking really well and that reassured him you are doing the right thing. The distance between you (miles) probably makes him worry but seeing you was all he needed. Just proves how much he luvs ya!

Dizzy x