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Any advice?

I have a work related xenical problem and need some advice! I've been on the tablets for 2 days and its been fine. For the next 3 days I am supposed to be trialling a 3 day detox diet for work (I am a journalist) It comes from a company and they provide 3 days of food that Im supposed to eat. Now I did ask for the nutritional info but they couldn't or didn't give it to me. I tried to explain about the tablets but they were a bit abrupt about me taking them. I was eventually told there wouldn't b more than 30g of fat each day. So the food arrived today and breakfast 2m is treacle and pecan granola, which i already know is goin to be too high. So my question is what do i do? My choices i think are to stop the tablets for 3 days, risk the side effects and keep taking tablets or keep with my own diet and ditch the trial. Any thoughts anyone? It's also irrationally worrying me that i can't update myfitnesspal for 3 days if i do the trial!
Sorry to ramble on but its worrying me and i can't decide what to do. Help!
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Im obsessed with MFP also so I know how you feel! TBH if you are doing this as part of a job you have some options a) grin and bear it. b) do it and write about how they wernt very forthcoming with information. c) tell them you wont do it untill they come up with some nutritional information, i think its required by law that there is nutritional info on packaged food? so if they hope to go to market, they are going to have to do it anyway? d) dont do it!


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Hi hun, well i'll be honest,i wouldnt put anything into my body that i dont know or couldnt get the information about.

If you do the detox and take the xenical if the fat is too high,then the chances are you're going to get tango'd and from what people have told me its not nice,and if its like that for 3 days solid you're going to get poorly,especially as your body will loose salts and you'll dehydrate.

if you ditch the tablets for the trial,you could still get tango'd because the xenical is in your system for 72 hours after stopping,the side effects might not be as bas,but the chances are they will still happen.

being on xenical is a personal thing and nobody has the right to be abrupt with you for taking them,its your body and your choice.

me,personally i would continue with my diet as,its a decision ive made to improve my health.

good luck whatever you decide :)


Violet is shrinking
S: 25st0lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 6st8lb(26.29%)
lol...i relplied elsewhere :D


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