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any caesereans out there?

hi folks
I have had 2 emergency caeserean sections to have my lovely boys and now I have this "shelf" of fat that sits at the front and hangs down a bit. has anyone else had this problem and what has LT done to sort it out. did any specific exercise help? I read somewhere that once you have this problem you are stuck with it:cry: x
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Me too! Had two sections 1 emergency and 1 elective and with the emergency one they made a right mess of my scar. I have the horrible overhang going on, on 3rd week so 've got a long way to go but hey my belly can only get smaller if i stick to this diet. Might even consider surgery if it was still a major prob when I get to my ideal weight? The price we pay for kids, worth it though :)
absolutely right. wouldnt swap then for anything. kinda hoped someone might have been through this before and could tell me what to realistically expect(for better or worse!) congrats on your loss btw you are doing really well x


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We'd advise gentle exercise as per your postnatal discharge advice.

I take it the little ones are more than 3 months old? You could probably do some gentle sit ups, maybe with an ab-roller or the like? Do take it easy, strengthen your core muscles (gentle trampolining) and if you have gym membership then ask for the correct technique.
<joins the apron-belly club> xxx


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hey girls! well i had a section over 2 years ago, eergency also! my belly was huge and hung over, the area was so numb i never thought id lose it! i was 44.5 inches around it just before i started lipotrim. now im 36.5 around my hips. my belly has completely come back up and is just a belly now, no ''flaps'' lol!! thaats after losing 3 stone 4lb. only about 5 weeks ago i started using my slendertone belt for 45 mins a day as im cleaning and it has really made a difference! it does work girls and you will get there soon!! x x x
thanks that is so encouraging. my "baby" is 2 and a half yrs so I have had it quite a while! seriously though you are back to flattish? well done you x
me too emerg c section im afraid no amout of sit up will help with the over hang but as you lose the weight it wont be as bad as your thinking mines not it will be slightly pulled cause it scar tissue sit ups will pull ya gut in but it wont reduce the pulled skin but i like mine its another story of my life lol and it made it so much easier to explain to my 3 young kiddies how babies come out of ya belly when there are ready to pop out lmao xxx
Me too.....I have a overhang after a emergancy c section! My friend who is a size 10 also has a tiny overhanging belly too so i dont feel as bad! :)


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2 elective sections within 3yrs in my case and a serious overhang, but as I've lost weight my tummy seems to have 'lifted'? It's not nearly as bad now as it was (thank God!)?


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I have a hang over belly AND I HAVEN'T HAD A CAESEREAN!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Actually, it's soo much better than it was thanks to this diet. I have a fairly clingy dress on today (something I would never have worn pre-diet days) and you can barely see it. It's shrinking nicely along with the rest of me. :D


Getting there!!!
thanks that is so encouraging. my "baby" is 2 and a half yrs so I have had it quite a while! seriously though you are back to flattish? well done you x

ya i sure am! id say if i get to ten stone it will be gone completely! it will disappear girl dont u worry!! x x :D

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