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Any CDC'S available?...Diet coke?

Hey everyone!
I was wondering if there were any cdc's out there that could help me out with something.
I have a night out coming up next week and i HAVE to go by strict orders of my mates (I've managed to get out of everything so far without letting on what I'm doing!) So they wont take no for an answer this time!!
I know Alcohol is forbidden on Sole Source, so i was wondering if it would be okay for me to have a few glasses of diet coke or something for me to sip (and make it look like I'm drinking, so not to raise suspicion!) I don't really want to order a glass of water in my local pub!!LOL!
Oh yeah, and as you've probably guessed, i'll be in a pub, so my choices will probably be limited to diet coke or soda water:(
I wont go overboard on it cos' i don't really like coke anyway it kinda makes me feel queasy:)
Any help would be grand!!

much love x:)
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Hi Helen

Think Diet coke will take you out of ketosis so soda is the way to go............I am so avoiding the pub as dont trust myself at all .................x
diet coke is ok for one night only...!

citric acid may make you feel peckish while in ketosis and bring on cravings for food!

so treat with caution x


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Oh that is funny how diff counsellors say diff things cos mine would be horrified if I told him I drank diet coke...........but handy to know for hols............thanks
Thanks for the replies guys! Sandypops- i have managed it for so long..I don't trust myself either!! I just hope I've got the will power to JUST not drink alcohol!!! Thanks cambridgediet08! I'm glad you said that, cos I'm sure i would have also had some strange looks from the bar staff ordering JUST soda water too!!!!LOL! I will really limit myself and alternate with sneaky glugs of water in the loos! hehehe!

Thanks guys!


Loves life......
Oh bless you will have to update us on how you got on then...............x


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Coke Zero is a no on cambridge, though some people find they can tolerate it with no problems, others find it stalls weight and makes them hungry.

Diet Coke, is definitely a 'no go'/'don't even think' about it drink ;)


supposed to be working!
id have some soda water with a squeeze of lemonade!
Sorry definitely no Diet Coke and Soda Water with caution, Soda is salt by another name.

Avoid anything with lemon as citric acid.

Why not sparkling mineral water best option all round.
Hi Squange22, i feel your pain but here are some tips that i have found of use in the 'im on a diet but dont want people to know as they will only try to make me have some' quest....
1. Tell them and let them know how vital it is for your sanity to lose this weight and if they love you or vaguely like you they will respect you and all rush to the bar ordering soda water by the bucket!
2. Tell them that they may have noticed that you have lost weight and the reason is that you are pregnant and are suffring hideous morning sickness but beg them not to pass it on as you havent had the courage to tell your mum/dad/boyfriend yet! OR you dont know who the father is and are still trying to track down the candidates!
3. Tell them the day before that you have an infection and are happy to come out but the blooming doctor has put you on antibiotics and has made you promise to stay off the booze as it will make your 'infection' worse (you can add as much revolting detail as you can muster before you are sick and make it 'down there' so they dont ask to see it!!!!!)
4. Say you are toying with a new religion that doesnt allow alcohol (chose the one most likely to be believed or least well known - make up a new religion if you are creative and brave!)
5. Get a kitty going, enlist the trust of one of the girls going and then make sure it is one of the two of you that goes to the bar - made easier as the night goes on and they all get progressively drunk! Buy soda water but in a small glass and tell them that it is vodka and tonic
6. Just tell them that you are on a very strick diet and that they can kiss your @$$ if they think you are going to risk straying for a night of revelling and invite them to your coming out party in a few weeks when you have reached target and they can all buy you a drink then to celebrate!!!

I hope these help - Some may be exagerated but you get the idea. If it helps you to know that i did my 40th birthday in New York/christmas/new year and many birthday do's on SS a while back and although i have now put alot of weight on again, it made me realise just how blooming strong i can be when i want to.
Whatever course you chose (water/coke/etc) HAVE FUN!!
I take a container of berry flavour wit me and a medicine spoon, and ask for a straw and stir it in soda water. looks dodgy though white powder in a tub!!

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